BodyShape Organization Kit

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Thetigerking83 suggested I host his BodyShape Organization Kit, and here it is!


Thetigerking83's post from BackAlleySims follows; his words, not mine.  I do agree that this is the most important thing he ever made!




Too many shapes scattered randomly throughout the clothing catalog? Can't figure out what bodysize that dress is for? Well those can now be problems of the past.

With this kit you can update your clothing to be arranged in order of approximate size from smallest to largest and each size/shape/group will get an icon to let you know what it is!

This is hands down the most important thing I have created, it was a lot of work and planning, but could completely change the way people look at bodyshapes. Because now you could have 30 bodyshapes and STILL find what you're looking for when shopping. This makes multiple bodyshapes manageable--no, downright simple.

Credit goes to Chis_Hatch for discovering how this could be done, I just organized it and did all the work.

ALSO: If anyone wants to host this off site, miros1 for example since her site already has all kinds of sims tutorials and what not, please post here and let me know. While there are ADULT shapes, the project itself is not adult in nature, and is too useful to be hidden away. The more creators adopt this the more useful it will become.

A Product ID list that is to be the standard
Creator Color Key (Tells you what color icons represent which creator)
A PDF of this Post.
A Tutorial for updating clothing files.

All current Icons are included in the "Bodyshape Icons.package"


And I'm done!

EDIT to quote HobbesED:

Originally Posted by HobbesED
One thing I did find, which was easily taken care of, was that some clothing did not have the "product" key at all. (An example was OneBlondeMomma's BootyGal lace undies.) I simply added the product key through SimPE and gave it the right value and it did end up showing with the BG icon. That might be something worth passing along to those that are working on the batch process. They may want to consider that some items may be lacking the product key entirely. Thus far, I've only found 3 without the key out of 40.

Updated to include BobbyTheHacker's new Bootylicious shape. 

Second update for BobbyTheHacker's even newer Bootylicious shapes!

Third update to include Buxom Wench and Quarian shapes!

Ocelotekatl has added several more body shapes to the BSOK! If you want these shapes, download the file with 3 in the filename. If you want Thetigerking's original files, download the other one.

  • Starfleet/UFP
  • Klingon
  • Outdoor Adventures (my old icon)
  • XXX (or just a big X for anyone who wants an X icon instead of a tooltip)
  • LizCrea's BustyGal
  • Runner
  • Lifa's AfTr
  • Lifa's AmTr

Version 3A

  • Steampunk (thanks EarlGreyTay)
  • Lady Apple (Thanks CelestialSpider)
  • CycF and CycM (Thanks Fire_flower)
  • Also, added Excel version of the product key for easy sorting and filtering.
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