Comfy Coffins

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MikeD and I were discussing my coffin recolors, and he said to me, "I'd be less interested in recolors and more interested in finding the comfy coffins I used to have."
Well, apparently, the coffins are long gone, so I made a little file that changes the Comfort of the Maxis coffin to 7. Miros-Comfy-Coffin
I'm running M&G, but I suspect this will work with any EP/SP combo that includes Nightlife.
Special installation instructions: You must unzip this file and place it in My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/Defaults. You may have to create this folder. (Thank you, BlooM, for the information on how to hide the Custom mark.)
Should not conflict with Lord Darcy's Higher Comfort and Energy for Maxis Beds.

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