Completer Sets

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Apparently, Maxoids don't have nightstands that match their beds, chairs that match their tables, arm chairs that match the sofa...  So here's the stuff they didn't think of!

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Maxis Set Object Creator Description
Altitude Attitude Stairs Altitude Attitude Add-Ons Set Spaik at TSR  
Aquatic (FFS) Set Aquatic Plus Windkeeper at TSR Also fixes mismatched knobs on Maxis pieces
Atomic Age (Pets) Furniture Set Atomic Age Chess Table MsBarrows at TSR  
  Atomic Age Rails
Atomic Age Stairs
Chrissy6930 at TS2Creations  
  Atomic Plus Windkeeper at TSR  
  Atomic Superset simaddict99 at TSR  
Bedding Bedding-Match Bed and Armchair MsBarrows at TSR Slim System canopy bed frame and Contempo Good Livin' armchair
  Bedding-Match BV Hotel Bed Set MsBarrows at TSR Headboard and canopy match bedding
  Bedding Match Bedroom Items rebecah at MTS  
  Bedding-Match Nursery MsBarrows at TSR  
  Bedding-Match Pet Beds Set MsBarrows at TSR  
  Bedding-Match Rug Set MsBarrows at TSR  
  Bedding-Match Tiebacks MsBarrows at TSR  
  Maxis Bedding Match Pieces simaddict99 at TSR  
  Maxis Match Bed Decor and Curtains Reyn at MTS  
Belhooven / Safe-T Windows and Abiding Elegance / Mullionaire doors Euro Doors and Windows
Euro Doors and Windows Plus
Chrissy6930 at TS2Creations  
Belhooven / Safe-T Windows Euro Round Windows
Euro Round Windows Plus

Euro Segmented Windows

Euro Segmented Windows Plus

Euro Wall Wide Windows
Chrissy6930 at TS2Creations  
Billy Bookcase (Ikea) Billy Bookcase, Billy Bookcase UPDATED mutske at TSR Compare the two sets to ensure you have all the meshes.
Blue Suede Armchair Blue Suede Completer Set MsBarrows at TSR  
Buffet Table Buffet-Matching Streamers MsBarrows at TSR  
BV Hotel Furniture Set BV Hotel Add-Ons MsBarrows at TSR  
BV Log Windows Mountain Windows Set 1
Mountain Windows Set 2

Mountain Windows Set 3
Chrissy6930 at TS2Creations  
Candy Coated Couch Candy Coated Completer Set MsBarrows at TSR  
Castanoga "Brasserie" Counter Brasserie Kitchen mutske at TSR  
Cat Condo Matching Scratching Posts Windkeeper at TSR  
Cheap Bookcase Cheap Bookcase Add-ons mutske at TSR  
Chez Moi French Country Counter Chez Moi Dining Add-Ons MsBarrows at TSR Recolors
  "Chez Moi" Modular Kitchen Set MaryLou & Numenor  at MTS  
Chiclettina Fjord Counter Chiclettina Dining Add-Ons MsBarrows at TSR Recolors
  Chiclettina Fjord Kitchen add-ons mutske at TSR  
Chiclettina "Mauritania" Beveled Glass Door Glassy Staircase and Fences Spaik at TSR  
Cinderblock TV Center Maxis Tv Center Add-ons mutske at TSR  
Classic Curve Window Pediment Window Set MsBarrows at TSR
Claws of Darkness Claws of Darkness Add-On Set
Claws of Darkness Baby Nursery

Claws of Darkness Pet/Toddler Bed

Claws of Darkness Toddler Nursery
simaddict99 at TSR  
Coffee for Four coffee table Chess for Two Glamour Chess Table MsBarrows at TSR  
Colonial Counter Colonial Uppercabinets, Colonial Kitchen Add-Ons mutske at TSR  
Conspicuous Views "Stained Glass with Arch" Stained Glass Arch Windows & Doors MsBarrows at TSR  
Contempo Adirondack chair Farmhouse Porch Set simaddict99 at TSR  
Counter Culture "Counter Culture" Modular Kitchen Set MaryLou & Numenor at  MTS More cabinets and matching appliances
  Counter Culture Dining Add-Ons MsBarrows at TSR  
Country Furniture Set Country Match Super Set simaddict99 at TSR  
  Country Parlour Chess Table MsBarrows at TSR  
  Country Uppercabinet Superset mutske at TSR  
  Country-fied Buffet-Length Tables MsBarrows at TSR  
  Country-fied Table Set MsBarrows at TSR  
  Maxis Match: Seasons Country Fridges, Trash Compactors, and Dishwashers HystericalParoxysm at MTS  
Country Modular Stairs Country Modular Stairs and Fences, Round Corner for Country Modular Stairs - Set Spaik at TSR  
Crib 1 Tile Maxis Crib with Dust Ruffle rebecah at MTS  
  Baby Mat Playset MsBarrows at TSR  
  Free Time Nursery - Bedding Match Set MsBarrows at TSR  
  Crib Matching Toddler Set rebecah at MTS Includes a potty chair linked to the crib bedding
  New Baby Nursery Set simaddict99 at TSR  
  One Tile FT Crib and Changing Table rebecah at MTS  
Curtains Maxis Curtains Add-ons mutske at TSR  
Dahlen Bookcase Corner Unit for Dahlen Bookcase moune999 at MTS  

Dahlen Interior Collection 1- Bookshelves for Library or Study

Zelia Theb at MTS

Walls and floors to match; good for 2 story libraries
  Emptied Base Game Bookshelf in Leesester Style joninmobile at MTS  
  Move Over Dahlen leesester at MTS  
  Small Dahlen Bookcase    
  Spacesavers -- Wall Bookcases windkeeper at TSR  
Decra-Chill 6 New Matching OFB Shelves Cocomama at MTS 2 tile version
  Antique Bakery Set - Decorative Foods and More

mdhttr323 at MTS

Counter top Decra-Chill
  Maxis Match - 4 Freezer Bin recolors to match OFB Decra-Chill Food Display    
Designer Counter Designer Upper Cabinets and Add-ons, Designer Kitchen Add-on Apartment Life mutske at TSR  
Desk Tube-nation Desk Tube-nation Matching Furniture MsBarrows at TSR  
Eloquence Set Eloquence Completer Superset MsBarrows at TSR  
  Eloquent Photo Frames MsBarrows at TSR  
Easel Maxis More Functional - Painting Easels Superset AnoeskaB at TSR Child and tabletop easels; 4 canvas sizes; more options
Ektorp Living Room (Ikea) Ektorp "Modular" Add-ons mutske at TSR Recolors
Epikourous Sleek Cuisine Counter Epikourous Dining Add-Ons MsBarrows at TSR Recolors
"Estomago" Pot Belly stove Fully animated multi-purpose Coal Stove Numenor at MTS  
Euro-Roe Shelves (OFB) 6 New Maxis Matching OFB Shelves Cocomama at MTS  
Expedit (Ikea) TV Center

Expedit Extra Add-ons, Maxis Ikea Expedit Add-ons

mutske at TSR  
Fantasy (FFS) Set Fantasy Plus Windkeeper at TSR  
Farmer Thompson's Stone Wall fence Farmer Thompson's Stone MsBarrows at TSR Wall paper, 2 fireplaces, and railway arch
Fat City Counter Fat City Dining Add-Ons MsBarrows at TSR Recolors
  Fat City Counters Kitchen Add-Ons mutske at TSR  
Festive Table Festive End Table Windkeeper at TSR  
Futonesque Fantasy Futonesque Fantasy Completer Set MsBarrows at TSR
meshes by BeosBoxBoy
Half Centurion Wall Tiny Centurion Half Wall Set Spaik at TSR  
Plants Maxis Plants Add-ons, II, and III mutske at TSR  
Helios (OFB) Windows

Helios Maxis, Helios Maxis 2, Helios Maxis RoundHelios Maxis Superset

Windkeeper at TSR  
High Chair Baby Stroller rebecah at MTS Stationary
Holiday Candle Candles -- Modified Meshes Reyn at MTS  
Ice Cream Display 6 New Maxis Matching OFB Shelves Cocomama at MTS 2 tile version
Independent Expressions Windows Independent Expressions Matching Windows Set Spaik at TSR  
Industrial  Steelate Counter Industrial Dining Add-Ons MsBarrows at TSR Recolors
InvisiBarrier Fence InvisiBarrier Adds-Ons Set, Set 2 Spaik at TSR  
Iron Age Fence Iron Age fence (taller and flower bed height) julsfels at Fairy Forest  
Jock Collection (AL) Apartmentlife Jock Add-ons mutske at TSR  
Karlstad (Ikea) Sofa Karlstad Add-ons mutske at TSR  
Klippan (Ikea) Loveseat Klippan Add-ons mutske at TSR  
Kramfors Sofa (Ikea) Liatorp and Kramfors Living Room mutske at TSR  
Krampf Industies Value Counter

Value Counter Recolors and Fixes, Value Dining Add-Ons

MsBarrows at TSR  
  Value Kitchen Add-Ons mutske at TSR  
Krathong Floating Krathong Windkeeper at TSR  
Lack (Ikea) End Table Maxis Ikea Lack Add-Ons mutske at TSR  
Lafenetre Window Lafenetre Nostalgia Windkeeper at MTS  
  Lafenetre Classic
Long Island Doors Superset
Windkeeper at TSR  
Lap of Luxury Sofa Lap of Luxury Seating Set MsBarrows at TSR  
Liatorp (Ikea) China Cabinet Liatorp and Kramfors Living Room mutske at TSR  
Luxuriare Loveseat Luxuriare Completer Set MsBarrows at TSR  
Luxury (GL) Furniture Set GL Luxury Match Nursery simaddict99 at TSR  
  GL Match Study simaddict99 at TSR  
  GL Match Teen Room simaddict99 at TSR  
Majestically Medieval Double Bed Medieval Canopy Beds MsBarrows at TSR Single bed and bedding match for both sizes.
Matrix / Craftsman Window Maxis Match Matrix/Craftsman Windows Expansion Sets tbudgett at MTS  
Merokkan Living
Merokkan Chair by Numenor and Windkeeper windkeeper at MTS  
  Moroccan Chess Table MsBarrows at TSR  
Minimal Fence (OFB) Minimal Gate HugeLunatic at MTS  
Mission Furniture Set Mission Chess Table MsBarrows at TSR  
  Mission Impossible Kitchen Set mutske at TSR  
  Mission Match Dining Set MsBarrows at TSR  
  Mission Match Superset simaddict99 at TSR  
  Mission Screen Stairs
Mission Stairs

Mission Stairs with Inserts
Chrissy6930 at TS2Creations  
Mulberry Window Mulberry Windows Chrissy6930 at TS2Creations  
New Gear City Windows New Gear City - Add-Ons, Matching Windows Spaik at TSR  
Nightclub Cabinets Nightlife Kitchen Add-ons, Nightclub Upper Cabinets Add-on AL, Nightclub Uppercabinets and Kitchen Clutter mutske at TSR  
Old World Windows and Door Old World Set Di's Victorian Emporium  

Old World Windows and Doors - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

MsBarrows at TSR  
Open  Me Window OpenMe Doors Windkeeper at TSR  
  Open Me Window Fixed + 2 new tall windows Windkeeper at MTS  
Perfect Pediment Window Pediment Window Set MsBarrows at TSR  
Pet Pillow Fantastic Pet Pillow Fantastic V2 Windkeeper at TSR Top removed; recolors
Pinegultcher Fence-Arches and Fences Numenor at MTS More recolors and  styles
  Pinegultcher MODULAR Deck Stairs Cyclonesue at TSR  
  Pinegultcher Stairs Chrissy6930 at TSR  
  Pinegultcher Windows and Doors tbudgett at MTS  
Port of Ennui Gate Ennui Enhanced - Set Spaik at TSR  
Quaint Counter Quaint Kitchen add-ons mutske at TSR  
Romantica Cabinet (K&B) Romantic Kitchen Add-ons, Romantic Kitchen Apartment Life Add-ons, Romantic Uppercabinets mutske at TSR  
Sacred Star Wall Deco Sacred Star Wall Light Chrissy6930 at TS2Creations  
Sentry Gate Sentry gate (taller and one tile) julsfels at Fairy Forest Taller and one tile; OFB version
  The Sentry - Set, The Sentry Add-Ons Spaik at TSR  
Shinto Stairs Shinto Fences
Shinto Gates

Shinto Stepover Edging
Chrissy6930 at TS2Creations  
Sims of Steel Chair and Sofa Sims-of-Steel Matching Furniture Set MsBarrows at TSR  
Smitty Classy's Grand Opening Door Classy Completer Set MsBarrows at TSR  
Socialite Collection (AL) Socialite Add-ons mutske at TSR  
Socialite Window Socialite Expansion Set - Part One
Socialite Expansion Set Part Two
leesester at MTS  (leefish)  
Stairway to 11 Easy Stairway to Eleven Spaik at TSR See InvisiBarrier Add-Ons Set 2 for recolors
Stare Stepper Staircase Stare Stepper Staircase Add-Ons Spaik at TSR  
Storybook Set Storybook Match Super-set simaddict99 at TSR  
Stylish Counter Stylish Kitchen Add-ons, Stylish Kitchen Apartment Life Add-ons, Stylish Uppercabinets mutske at TSR  
Tablablanca Table Tablablanca Match Patio Furniture MsBarrows at TSR  
Teen Style Bookcase Teen Style Bookshelf Emptied With Extra Slots in Leesester style joninmobile at MTS  
Thackaray Chair Thackaray Matching Furniture Set, Thackaray Chair Recolours MsBarrows at TSR  
Tiki Tiki Match Super-set simaddict99 at TSR  
Upwardly Mobile Chic Stair Upwardly Mobile Chic - Set, Bonus Pack Spaik at TSR  
Value Desk Base Game Value Desk Match (with Added Slots) Sims99Fanatic at MTS  
Way Coolinary Kitchen "Groovy Party" set MaryLou & Numenor  at MTS  
  "Way Coolinary" Modular Kitchen Set MaryLou & Numenor  at MTS  
Water Wiggler Buyable WaterWiggler rebecah at MTS Toddler usable; self-serve dog wash
Witch Lamps Buyable Witch Lamps Set Spaik at TSR  

Items for several Maxis sets:


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