Creators' Resources

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Several handy resources for creators.

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Color actions

Color actions have become popular in the Simming  community because they provide a quasi-standard to allow creators to color match their downloads. 

Popular sets of color actions are listed below.

Simlish Fonts:



Once upon a time, Greg Bennett shared a grid with colored squares and rows of letters which is quite handy for seeing how textures are mapped onto a mesh and where they're mirrored or stretched.  This grid plus the extracted UVMap should help you easily solve most texture/mesh alignment problems.

For Clothing Textures

Garment outlines:

Garment Descriptions:

Photoshop plugins for Texture Making

Lace edgings

Although the Dividers font is no longer available, many floral fonts work very well.  You can use multiple rows to make lace fabrics for robes, undies, stockings, etc.

How I Add Details - Jeans

How I Make Texures

Both from Ohbehave's Junk Trunk.

Aquilegia's Linen Texture

For Hair Retextures

Nymphy's curly textures

Liegenschonheit's textures

For Make Up

Neder's Facial UV Maps

HugeLunatic's Default Makeup Packages

For Tattoos and Overlays

Overlay Boxes: What They Are And How To Use Them

For Walls and Floors

ZeroDark's Wood Wall "Blanks"

Goat's Wood Textures (GoS Advent 2012)

[Goat's Wood Texture] at Goat's Attic

Object Templates to Clone

Recoloring and Cloning Templates

Default Replacement Templates

Dinnerware Default Replacements

Custom NPCs Templates