Faces From the Face Collector

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I've been playing with Amalia's idea for random faces and came up with these. 

For the last 2, I added my own "rule": Adding a random fraction for how much of each feature to blend into the base face. 

Features that I really didn't like after blending were further adjusted by going into the Modification tool for that feature, generating a random number between -4 and 5 and using that number to click up or down. 


Cara is a kickybag star at her university!  Even crushing her nose in the championship finals last semester hasn't dampened her enthusiasm for the game.

Even after using the modifier tools, Cara's nose still needed two nose masks to salvage it.  The nose is really weird on toddlers and becomes huge on men.  Be very careful when choosing a Sim to make babies with her!


Lucien has had a hard life, but he's an honest man.

Don't try gender changing Lucien.  The female version has an extremely narrow jaw.


Danielle is tired.  Who wouldn't be tired on her schedule?

She's wearing eyebag and mouth crease "make up," but they simply accentuate the underlying face sculpt.  I don't recommend changing her to male.


Calvin tries hard, but the ladies simply aren't interested.  Even as a child, he wasn't very attractive.

I'm the least happy with Calvin. He's not hideous, but I think he acquired the worst features of the Maxis templates.  Don't try gender changing him.  It ain't pretty.


Catherine is strict but fair, good attributes for a student-teacher. 

Catherine is the first Sim to whom I applied the "fractional feature" rule.  Catherine was also an attractive toddler and gender swapping also produces good results.


Carl is a war hero.

Carl is the most attractive of the men in my opinion.  His toddler and gender swapped pictures are also appealing.

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