Maxis Clothing Fixes

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The Maxoids assumed that no one would ever want to wear "special purpose" clothing for casual wear...  Natually, players conceive stories and theme 'hoods and want just that!  They need an unhider (or two).

On the other hand, hiders and default replacements make theme 'hoods far easier.  No more micro-management to make sure the Townies wear the correct underwear!

The Maxoids also put a few things in the wrong catagory or left out fat/preg morphs or did or failed to do various things.  Here are your fixes!

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Thanks to Almighty Hat for her list of hiders with her Hat's 'Whoops where is GoS?' Great Hider Repost!

Hiders -- Stuff you don't want to look at any more

Unhiders -- Stuff Maxis never dreamed your Sims would want to wear

Default Replacement Clothing -- Fixes for Maxis clothing and skintones

Default Replacement Hair

Maxis Lost and Found

Age and Gender Clothing Conversions, Separations and Combinations

Age and Gender and TS3 Converted Hair -- Maxis just made too few ages or darn, that would look good on men/women

Face Shaping Make Up

Other Make Up

  • Rensim
    • Scleras
      Fixes black shadows when the Sim looks to the side

Default Replacement Eyebrows

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