Fixed Maxis Objects

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Maxis simply didn't plan ahead when making some of their objects, so other artists made better versions!

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Fixed Maxis Objects
Category Object Creator Description
Appliances Coffeemug Replacements: Modern Mugs, Cowmugs AnoeskaB at TSR Choose stripes or cow mascots!
  Counter-Friendly Appliances MaryLou at  MTS Cabinet sides hide appliance inside
  Espresso for Visitors BoilingOil at Visitors can make and serve espresso
  Island Appliances Honeywell at MTS Clones, not replacements, but they work in islands!
  MMF - Stove Slots AnoeskaB at TSR Deco slots for 6 Maxis stoves to look like your Sim is cooking on all burners.  Try AnoeskaB's Deco Pots and Pans and Deco Pots and Pans with Food
  No Autonomy Fridge Inge Jones at Simlogical Prevents snacking unless starving
  Slots for all Maxis Microwaves and Toaster Ovens, Slots for all Maxis Refrigerators (EP Ready) Sims99Fanatic at MTS Put stuff on top of the microwave, toaster oven and fridge; cloned object, not replacement
Aspirations & Rewards Better Love Tub Cyjon's Sims 2 Mods 'n' Stuff Love tub is the equivalent of a love potion; crush or love not required for romantic interactions
  Money Tree Watering Fix Cyjon's Sims 2 Mods 'n' Stuff Watering by NPCs and Servos properly added
Baby, Toddler & Child Baby Bottle Replacement AnoeskaB at TSR White bottle instead of green
  Death by Toddler Toy Fix TwoJeffs at Simbology Stops play before dying
  Free Time Activity Table Replacement Irma at MTS Recolorable
  Bedding-Match Nursery MsBarrows at TSR  
  Nursery Fixes MsBarrows at TSR Fixes UVMap error on Maxis crib; changing table uses the crib recolors.
  Toddler Potty Fixes TwoJeffs at Simbology Maids can clean the potty and toddlers can pee in a dirty potty
Beds Bedding-Match BV Hotel Bed Set MsBarrows at TSR Headboards and canopy match the bedding
  Coffin Beds Re-Vamped MsBarrows at TSR Lining slaved to Maxis bedding
Business 3 Base Game Bars Fix Lord Darcy at MTS Bars now have bartenders; Sims can place food on top
  All-placement "Open/Closed" sign Numenor at MTS Placeable on floor, table or wall
  Buyable Electronics Cyjon's Sims 2 Mods 'n' Stuff Allows stores to sell personal electroics from shelves; optionally satifies wants
  Celebration & Custom Cakes can be placed in OFB Decra-Chill Food Display Lord Darcy at MTS Also get More Decorative Slots... to put stuff on top.  Works better than OMSPs for this purpose.
  Custom objects placeable on OFB displays and shelves Numenor at MTS  
  Photobooth Try for Baby Fix TwoJeffs at Simbology
  Vacation Souvenirs Buyable Everywhere Lord Darcy at MTS Racks work correctly in owned businesses
Aspirations Hats Don't Change Clothes Cyjon's Sims 2 Mods 'n' Stuff Thinking Caps and Noodlesoothers do not force Sims into default clothing
  Plastic Surgery for Teens - No Failure TwoJeffs at Simbology Teens can use the plastic surgery station; no more failures!
Careers & Career Rewards No Candy Machine Failure Cyjon's Sims 2 Mods 'n' Stuff Makes it easier to train Cooking with the candy machine without Macrotastics
  Resized Seasons Adventurer Career Reward Lord Darcy at MTS Now table placeable instead of a huge statue
Cars Always turn off CAR stereo *and light* when getting out Numenor at MTS  
  Fiat Punto Numenor at MTS Recolorable
Columns Simple Columns That Actually Fit, "Fence Post Extenders" That Actually Fit Sophie-David at MTS  
Counters Slot Enable Package Numenor at MTS Allows diagonal placement of small appliances and cash registers on inside corners
  Value Counter Fix MsBarrows at TSR Fixes UVMap error on corner counters.
Deco (Flowers) OFB flowers shadow fix Windkeeper at MTS  
Deco (Mirrors) Maxis More Functional - Mirrors AnoeskaB at TSR Smaller versions placeable on surfaces
  Numenor at MTS  
Deco (Rugs) Maxis bathmats made thirsty MogHughson at MTS Kitchen and bath mats really soak up puddles
  Rugs - zMOG!! Off Grid!! HugeLunatic at MTS Fixes sinking and lighting problems
Deco (Table) Bella & Mortimer Animated Snow Globe Numenor at MTS Literally fixed -- buy new, use until it breaks, repair!
  Maxis Centerpiece as Centerpiece Lord Darcy at MTS Sims can place their plates on a table with a centerpiece; ZZ at Simbology suggests using a centerpiece to prevent the cook from serving to every table on the lot.
Deco (Wall) Diplomas go down with walls Numenor at MTS  
  How Eloquent RenSim (Dreamwidth) Recolorable and depixelated frame texture
  Keep Paintings Viewable with Walls Down TwoJeffs at Simbology  
  Photos & Plaques hide with walls down Numenor at MTS  
  Shiftable signs, paintings and photos Goggalor at MATY Makes more items shiftable with AL
  Sweet Down Low Thread and Sandpaper (DW) Prevents dark shadow when shifting down
Desks Desk Fix Cyjon's Sims 2 Mods 'n' Stuff Easier placement of homework, etc. on desks
Doors Door/light fixes plasticbox at MTS Doors will let in appropriate amounts of light
Electronics Alienware for OFB Motoki at MATY  
  Annoying Popup Tooltip Removed from Uni Arcade Games Lord Darcy at MTS  
  Autonomous Computer Fixes TwoJeffs at Simbology More intelligent interactions with Sims using the computer
  DJ Booth Fixes Cyjon's Sims 2 Mods 'n' Stuff FT booth satifies wants and Sims dance in front; employees don't leave either booth in use
  FreeTime Wall Phone Ring FX Fix Lord Darcy at MTS Repaired visual portion of sound effect
  Jukebox Animation Fix Lord Darcy at MTS Prevents loss of animations on save and reload  
  Modular Synth Fix Cyjon's Sims 2 Mods 'n' Stuff Modular synth treated as a fun object when used autonomously and a skill object when player directed
  No Reputation Rewards Cyjon's Sims 2 Mods 'n' Stuff Block any of the reputation based phone calls and rewards; I use the "Random Cool Object" blocker
  Phone Make-Over BoilingOil at Combines, enhances, and fixes several popular phone hacks.  "Lite" version, PhoneCheckFix,  is compatible with JMP's phonehack
  Slots for all Maxis Standing Stereos Sims99Fanatic at MTS Put stuff on top of the stereos; cloned object, not replacement
  TV 2 Tiled Repair Anim Fix Lord Darcy at MTS Sims no longer hold the screwdriver backward
Food Cheesecake & Twins Fix TwoJeffs at Simbology Percent chance of twins, not sure thing
  Ramen Fix Lord Darcy at MTS Both cookable and buyable ramen will use the Uni texture and the BV chopsticks
Lights More sensible lights for Maxis lamps – Base Game plasticbox at MTS  
  More sensible lights for Maxis lamps – Pets/OfB/Seasons plasticbox at MTS
  Smarter-Lights Numenor at MTS More sensible light off/on behaviors
Outdoor Breadfruit Tree Fix Cyjon's Sims 2 Mods 'n' Stuff Breadfruit tree made fireproof since the burning animation doesn't end and can't be fixed
  Dogwood Tree, Hawthorn Tree, Magnolia Tree, Rowan Tree Gwenke at Sims2Artists Lost items made Seasons compatible
  Hot Spring Fix TwoJeffs at Simbology Sims will join Sims in the hot spring rather than attempting other interactions
Pets Caged Pet Fixes TwoJeffs at Simbology Prevents pet from starving while paused or in build or buy modes
  Close Bird Cage When Done Worf_84 at MTS Sims close the cage door after playing with the parrot (recommended by BoilingOil)
Plumbing Always Flush Toilet TwoJeffs at Simbology  
  Communal Showers Cyjon's Sims 2 Mods 'n' Stuff Allows teens to communal  shower
  Flush Puke Cyjon's Sims 2 Mods 'n' Stuff Flush the toilet after throwing up
  Hot Tub Entry Logic, Hot Tub Exit Logic Cyjon's Sims 2 Mods 'n' Stuff Prevents and ends hot tub use when raining; prevents jumping in and out; ends when affected motives are maxed or other motives are low
  No Wash Clean Hands Cyjon's Sims 2 Mods 'n' Stuff Prevents handwashing after showering caused by interaction of BUY and Always Flush Toilet
  A Slot for Maxis Toilets Sims99Fanatic at MTS Put stuff on top of the toilets; cloned object, not replacement
Roofs Maxis roof recolors and replacements CuriousB at GoS Replacements for the Maxis roofs for use with Niol's mod
  Roof Mod Niol at MTS Roofs appear in their true colors
Seating Celebrations! Bow Chair - Two Subset Version Reyn at MTS Bow is separately recolorable
  Studio Bakonmi Sofa revolvertrooper at GoS Slaved to the matching armchair
Skills, Sports & Hobbies Busker Tipping Hack TwoJeffs at Simbology Move away from the tip jar!
  Dance Sphere In Use Fix TwoJeffs at Simbology Don't use a dance sphere that's already in use!
  Education Bookcase Fix Cyjon's Sims 2 Mods 'n' Stuff Sims won't stop studying because of slight motive drop

Exercise Tweaks

Cyjon's Sims 2 Mods 'n' Stuff Saner motive drops
  Fashion Show Chris Hatch at BAS Allows your Sims to have a fashion show on community lots
  Fixed Rat Race Magazine MogHughson at MTS FT broke it; MogHughson fixed it!
  Instruments by proxy GUID Argon at MATY Makes musical instruments perform together; replaces Atavera's hack; scroll down for Kazzandra's files too
  Less Hydrobot Breakage Cyjon's Sims 2 Mods 'n' Stuff  
  "Read to Youngsters" Fix for Novellas Nouveau Bookcase in FreeTime Lord Darcy at MTS  
  Sellable Car BoilingOil at In-game sale of restored cars.
  Telescopes on Community Lots Inge Jones at Simlogical Makes telescopes placeable on community lots
Stairs & Elevators Euro Stairs Chrissy6930 at TSR Recolorable and slimmed down
  Holy Smoke modular stairs Numenor at MTS Recolorable
  Ingame Modular Stairs Chrissy6930 at TSR Recolorable and slimmed down, with matching fences
  Maxis Modular Stairs Passage Fix Lord  Darcy at MTS Sims can walk under modular stairs
  Maxis Wooden Stairs -- Redux Reyn at MTS Underpinnings removed (slaved to Numenor's version)
  MMF Spiral Stair - Apartment Life AnoeskaB at TSR All 3 stairs mirrored and can be walked under and have objects placed under.  Optional no-fade hack.
  Open Frame Wrought Iron modular stairs Reyn at MTS Support posts removed (slaved to Numenor's version)
  Shinto Stairs Chrissy6930 at TS2Creations Recolorable and slimmed down
  Storybook Stairs Chrissy6930 at TSR Recolorable and slimmed down
  Unbreakable Elevators BoilingOil at  
  Wooden modular stairs Numenor at MTS Recolorable
  Wrought Iron modular stairs Numenor at MTS Recolorable
Surfaces A lot more slots for all Maxis end tables Gwenke at Sims2Artists  
  More Decorative Slots for Maxis Furniture Lord Darcy at MTS Adds more slots to a variety of furniture; likely conflicts with other "slot adders"
  Table Slot Height Fix Lord Darcy at MTS Adjusts position of objects placed on the Splendid Scenes end table, Blooms & Boomers end table, Visivue dining table, and Beta Fomicron  dining table
Wall Coverings Brick Rolled Wallpaper Eduie at GOS Texture sharpened plus recolors
Walls Enhanced Perfectly Plank Half Walls Set Spaik at TSR Gap between wall and moulding fixed plus recolors
Windows Open Me Window Fixed Windkeeper at TSR  

Multi-Category Fixes: