Gothplague's Gear

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I've decided to host Gothplague's stuff, since her site is now gone.  Sorry, I didn't think to save off the pictures.  Enjoy!
Apparently, I forgot the shoes and the androgeny/double mastectomy meshes too.  Here's Aquilegia's expanded version of the androgeny meshes!


This is all of Gothplague's stuff that I have. I do wish I had her shoes. If I find anything, I'll put it up here, but it doesn't look good!


Need more from gothplaque ....

Thanks Rose!

It's awesome of you to host all of her great cc , much appreciated. Now when I see wcif's for her items , I'll just send them your way. Thanks for all you do for the simming world , much appreciated!


hope you will add more files from gothplaquegear .. those files really help me :)