Maxis Lost & Found

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Maxis made quite a few items that were shipped with the game, but never linked to the catalog!  Here they are!

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Numenor at MTS2

18th Century Portrait

Ball Obelisk Topiary

CAS Micro Spot

Cricket Bat

Floral Centerpiece

Grouped Photos

International Sectional Booth

Large Loft Window

Modern Print

Monolith Topiary

Animated Carousel

RaceCarSet (enhanced from the official Maxis release)

Souvenir Cabinet

Timber And Steel Column

Dogwood Tree, Flowering Thorn Tree, Hawthorn Tree, Magnolia Tree,  Oak Tree, Plumeria Tree,  Rowan Tree, ScotchPine Tree
Note: The trees will not drop their leaves or accumulate snow with Seasons; updated versions found on the Fixed Maxis Objects page.  The Plumeria Tree is included in BV. 

Vacation Painting Recolor

Wil Wright Painting

Numica  2x2 Card Table

Waterfall and River (neighborhood object)



Dielectric Electrobreeze Windmill

Matte Sphere

Five Studio Lamps

Stainless Barbeque

Floral Modern Sofa

simaddict99 at TSR

Maxis Lost & Found NL Flowers


ly_drago at MTS

Maxis hidden womrat colors