Babies, Toddlers, and Children

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File Creator Description

Animated Bouncy, Updated Bouncy

rebecah at MTS For babies and toddlers
Animated Infant/Toddler Swing - W/option to serve new foods, High Chair to Allow Toddler to Eat New Foods rebecah at MTS Includes corn soup custom food for toddlers; unfortunately, the other foods included in simotized's ~Toddler Food Options~ are missing the download files
Animated Rocking Horse rebecah at MTS  
Baby Mat rebecah at MTS  
Baby Playmat Set MsBarrows at TSR  
Bassinet, Changing Table rebecah at MTS  
'Castle Bounce-a-lot' Jumping Castle Echo at TSR  
Child Care Centers Chris Hatch at BAS Send your kids to day care!  (Although it's part of the unofficial T&A/A&N EP, the phone plug in should work without it)
Child Rideable Bike rebecah at MTS  
Co-Sleeper Simsfreq at Simbology Allows babies and toddlers to sleep with their parents.
Colors Match DOT at TSR Recolors of various items to match the Maxis nursery sets
Crib Mobile rebecah at MTS Animated
Dancing Bear Play Nursery Rhymes rebecah at MTS Teaches nursery rhymes; toddler can dance and sing
Formula Fridges MsBarrows at TSR Countertop fridge for formula only.
Free Range Cereal Bowl MsBarrows at TSR Rechannels the toddlers' urge to eat dogfood!  Recolors to match the Maxis crib
Hammer N Peg Toy - Mechanical Skills rebecah at MTS Teaches mech and gives tinkering enthusiasm
Kids Corner Ohbehave's Junk Trunk Art table
Llama-in-the-Box Dynamic Duo (Numenor & Boblishman)  
Llamaborghini Dynamic Duo (Numenor & Boblishman) Fully animated RC Llama
Logic & Creativity Toys Superset Simaddict99 at TSR Alternate logic and creativity toys
No Social Worker Patch Inge Jones at Simlogical Children only taken away for being hungry or lonely
Pets and Children Share Bed MogHughson at MTS It's just cute!  But you gotta have cuteness...
Playable ... Dolls rebecah at MTS  
Rideable Big Wheel Trike rebecah at MTS  
Rideable Duck rebecah at MTS  
S2S Teddy Bears - Set sims2sisters at TSR  
Stuffy Superset Simaddict99 at TSR 4 stuffed toys
Table N Chair rebecah at MTS Also available at Childs Sized Functional Table and Chairs.  Allows doll to sit at table too!
Teen / Adult / YA Nannies Squinge at Insim No more elderly nannies!
"The Toddler Cage" Playpen Collection Echo at TSR  
Toddler Cooking Toy Pot and Wooden Spoon Rebecah at Affinity Sims Teaches cooking
Toddler Eating Table rebecah at MTS Toddlers optionally learn cooking while eating
Toddler Sandpile Echo at TSR  
Toddler Swim Tube rebecah at MTS Toddlers can float around in the pool!
Toddler Wheely Bug Ride On Toy rebecah at MTS  
Toddler Tricycle rebecah at MTS  
Triplets & Quads TwoJeffs at Simbology Expands multiple births
Updated 1 Tile Baby Mat - and 1 Tile Changing Table rebecah at MTS  
Updated Rideable Tricycle rebecah at MTS For toddlers
Water Babies Wading Pool Echo at TSR Much more sanitary than playing in the toilet!

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