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Catagory File Creator Description
Sets Brick Patio Superset Spaik at TSR Joining columns, arches, and pediments
  Cottage Build Set, Add-ons shakeshaft at TSR  
  The Cubby Hole Ohbehave's Junk Trunk Lets you put a bed under the stairs  Tutorial
  Erica Build Set 1,
Erica Build Set 2
Spaik at TSR Fences, gates, stairs, rail, halfwall.  Red, green, blue recolors
  Glass Block Set Cyclonesue  
  Medieval Hammerhead Beams MsBarrows at TSR  
  Modern Build Superset Spaik at TSR Don't forget the AL updated Winding Stairs for Apartment Life Set
  Nooks And Niches, More Nooks And Niches, Nook Folly Garden BB's Retreat (Buggybooz) Recolors: Buggybooz Wall Niches in 50 Bricks, Stones, & Woods (Imagination Figments (Hafise))
  Poured Panel Building Set MsBarrows at TSR
  Tug-a-roon Verandah padre at TSR 14 recolors
  Wall Hole linegud at TSR Recolors by MsBarrows
  WFS Build Set. Repositoried hafiseazale at Imagination Figments Originally from Wood for Sims 2
Columns Glassy Modern Columns Spaik at TSR  
  Slanted Columns Basic Set MsBarrows at TSR  
Doors Counter Door rebecah at MTS A "flip up" counter section to restrict access to food prep and cashier areas (not animated)

Library - Secret Doors, Picture Gallery - Secret Doors

julsfels at Fairy Forest

Bookcase and painting secret doors with matching bookcases and paintings!

  Milk Bottle Apartment Door Model Changer Leesester at MTS (leefish) Use any door on your apartments!

New Screen Walls and Screen Door, Screen Door

rebecah at MTS  
  Remote Dorm Doors BoilingOil at Sims don't need to be standing by a dorm door to claim it.
  Revolving Door - New Mesh rebecah at MTS  
  Secret Bookcase Doors Cyclonesue at TSR  
  Wooden Sliding Stable door BlooM at InSim  

Art Nouveau Vine Fence

MsBarrows at TSR  
  Malva Fences & Gates Set 1,
Malva Fences & Gates Set 2
Spaik at TSR Masonry and ironwork fences
  Recycled Sir Bricks-a-Lot Fencing MsBarrows at TSR  
Fireplaces Recolored chimneys Numenor at MTS  
  Stone Built Fireplace shakeshaft at TSR  
  Streetfire in a Trashcan Numenor at MTS  
Stairs Ambra Staircase Set,
Ambra Balustrade Set
Spaik at TSR  
  "Carina Spotlight" Modular Stairs Numenor at MTS Also snag the Carina baseboard & crown molding and the recolors
  Carina Stairs chrissy6930 at TSR  
  Designable modular stone stairs, with shape options Marvine at MTS  
  Easy Staircase Set Spaik at TSR Not modular
  Fake floors/landings Inge Jones at Simlogical Tutorial
  Folding Staircase set Spaik at TSR Attic ladder with decorative folding mechanism
  Half Landing Stairs Inge Jones at Simlogical Don't forget 7 Maxis-match Recolors of Simlogical's Half-Landing Stairs
  Modern Staircase Set Spaik at TSR Recolors
  Modular Rustic Steps, Oak Parquet Modular Stairs & Fence Cyclonesue at TSR Add ons: Round Corner for Wooden Modular Stairs - Set, Round Corner for Wooden MS Recolors
  Pets Animation for Marvine's Animated Ladder Kodiak at MTS Update of Marvine's Ladder with custom animations for the Pets EP.  Don't forget 20 Recolours of Marvine's Ladder Stairs at Ms Barrows' LJ
  Pack of FULLY ANIMATED spiral stairs Marvine at MTS  
  Remesh and some used recolors for Simlogicals Winding Stairs please... SailorSimmer at GoS Conflicts with Inge's original; use her Stair Walls to fill in underneath.
  Rhomb Staircases and Fences Spaik at TSR Plain stairs with ironwork rain and matching fence
  Stair Runners Inge Jones at Simlogical  
  Wallpaperable Stair Walls Inge Jones at Simlogical  
  Winding Stairs Inge Jones at Simlogical  
Walls Abstract Half Walls Spaik at TSR Glass topped half walls
  Almost Naked Half Walls Set Spaik at TSR  
  Commercial Half Walls Set Spaik at TSR Half wall with metal rail
  Custom Walls Repository

Numenor at MTS

More wall types!
  Don't Tug On Me! Vertical Half Wall Set msbarrows at TSR  
  Glass Half Walls Set Spaik at TSR Glass topped wooden half walls

New Screen Walls and Screen Door, Screen Walls

rebecah at MTS  
Windows Atelier Windows marilu at TSR  
  Double Pane 1 Tile Window rebecah at MTS Alternate window for kitchens and bathrooms

Helios Curved, Helios Doors and Windows, Helios Expanded, Helios Plus

windkeeper at TSR  
  Invisible Window rebecah at MTS Lets in sunlight without the appearance of a window
  "WallWindows" glass set v.3 Numenor at MTS  

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