Comfort Items: Chairs, Beds and Sleeping

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Stuff you just have to have because it's cool, at least in one woman's opinion!

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File Creator Description
Bed Blanket (Fixed Mesh) Jonesi at BPS Decorative blanket for the foot of the bed; used as a master for a variety of decorative fabric items, fixed by HugeLunatic and hokadk47 (Jonesi's original file)
Slaved to Jonesi's Blanket Various  
Cryobed Mark II Set
Cryogenic Freezer Bed Set
MsBarrows at TSR "Beds" for mad scientists and modern vampires
Matching Bedsprings with Legs Set MsBarrows at TSR  
Numenorean Hibernation Cell Numenor at MTS2 Hibernate until the world catches up with you
Quick Bedmaking BoilingOil at Less time wasted while making beds
SunniSims Bed Ruffles - A bit taller HugeLunatic at Sims2Artists  


File Creator Description
A Little Vintage Ohbehave's Junk Trunk A "suitcase chair"
Window Seat Set MsBarrows at TSR Sofas for DIY bay windows

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