Decorative Items

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Stuff you just have to have because it's cool, at least in one woman's opinion!

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Rugs and Floor Placed Deco
File Creator Description
Cherry Chest from Released Gifts - CBS Summer Themed Weeks Ohbehave's Junk Trunk  
Real Rugs Collection windkeeper at TSR Includes Echo's 3x4 rug (fixed)
Rug Fringe windkeeper at TSR Add fringe to any rug


File Creator Description
Cameo Curtain Superset mutske at TSR  
Mistral Curtains, Update mutske at TSR  
SimPlan-X Build Your Own Curtains set: Repositoried! Untidyfan at Jennerica!  


Table/Shelf Decorations
File Creator Description
Clutter Collection Part 2 - Superset MsBarrows at TSR  
Coffee Mug Set MsBarrows at TSR  
Crazy Clutter Collection Superset, Add-ons MsBarrows at TSR  
Maxis Decoration Add-Ons mutske at TSR  
Teen Style Stuff Readable Books mutske at TSR  
Working Books and Deco Glamour and Base mutske at TSR  


Wall Decorations
File Creator Description
Custom Frames windkeeper at TSR For use on your Sims' paintings.
Glass Wall Clock windkeeper at TSR Working clock; can also be used as a tower clock.
Kickmouldings & Crowns MaryLou & Numenor  at MTS Baseboards and crown moulding to apply over any wallpaper
Pixelhate's FullPoster Wall Overlays revised BoilingOil at Allows you to apply a border, stain or other decoration to any wallpaper


Ceiling Decorations
File Creator Description
Crepe Streamer Set MsBarrows at TSR  


Outdoor Decorations
File Creator Description
Birdhouses for Crissi Ohbehave's Junk Trunk  
Fish for Ju Ohbehave's Junk Trunk A large beta fish


Neighborhood Decorations
File Creator Description
Ancient Dolmens,
Numenor at MTS  
Athletic Fields Set,
Basic Motorway Set
Basic Tramway Set
Bus Transit Set
Cruise Terminal Set
Decorative Road Pieces Set
Ferry Mini Set
Marina piers and boats set
Modest Embankment Set
Regional Airport Set
Road Bridges Set
Simple Walkways Set
Ultimate Railway Set
Criquette Check out Criquette 'Hood Deco Re-textures by Rensim, which match CuriousB's Neighborhood:Reboot road replacements
Neighborhood: Reboot eclectica (CuriousB) Replacements for streets, sidewalks, etc.
Psychosim's Neighborhood Stuff Psychosim's Cardboard Box Many neighborhood deco items, including recolors and additions to Criquette's sets
Rural road & terrain mod Criquette  
Slig's Neighborhood Deco Slig Mostly default replacements
Bathroom Deco
File Creator Description
Leyris - Bathroom - Towels (Master Mesh) mirake at TSR  
Basegame Cafe Curtain Recolors,
Leyris Towels Recolors
Showertub Curtain Bright Recolors Set
Showertub Curtain Dark Recolors Set
karubin at TSR  
Bath Deco Set Ohbehave's Junk Trunk  
Bathroom Additions steffor at TSR Clutter
Bathroom Accents -- Aquatic Set,
Bathroom Accents -- Beach Set
Bathroom Accents -- Blue Blues Set
Bathroom Accents -- Ginger Set
Bathroom Accents -- Splash Set
Bathroom Accessories
Bathroom Extras
Bathroom Towels
Quick Fix Towels
Real Rugs - Oval
Real Rugs - Small
Small Towels
windkeeper at TSR  
Plush Bath Rug Set Raveena at TSR  
Shower Caddy Ohbehave's Junk Trunk  
Towel Warmer Spaik at TSR  
Towels DOT at TSR  


Kitchen Deco
File Creator Description
Dish Rack Set MsBarrows at TSR  
Flea Market Kitchen Clutter Nemestnaya at BPS Includes a curtain
Kitchen Decoration Add-Ons mutske at TSR  
Kitchen Essentials - Boxes and Bottles, Breakfast Clutter simal10 at TSR  
Pizza Peel Set MsBarrows at TSR  
Use-able Formal Place-setting simaddict99 at TSR Fancier version of Useable Place Settings
Useable Place Settings simaddict99 at TSR Your Sims will put their plates on these placemats, just like you do!


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