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Stuff you just have to have because it's cool, at least in one woman's opinion!

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File Creator Description
Artemide "Chimera" Numenor at MTS Switchable light level and color
Candid by Candlelight buggybooz at MTS  
Candle in a Bottle Set MsBarrows at TSR  
Cielo Outdoor Lights Spaik at TSR Recolors

Courtesy Light / Emergency Lamps

Numenor at MTS Provides some light when the main lights are off, such as when Sims are sleeping
Elegant Chandelier simaddict99 at TSR  
Grand Crystal Chandeliers simaddict99 at TSR  
Light in the Darkness, Valentine Candles AnoeskaB at TSR 8 piece candle set and recolor
Lina's Lighting Spaik at TSR  

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