Outdoor, Gardens, and Farming

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Stuff you just have to have because it's cool, at least in one woman's opinion!

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File Creator Description
Brighter Leaves for The Fall joninmobile at MTS Yellow-orange leaves instead of brown
Designable modular stone stairs, with shape options, Waterfall shower - and tons of rocks! Marvine at MTS Build your own grotto!
Farmers' Set Echo at TSR Harvestable crops with or without Seasons
Garden Signs prin6je at TSR  
Harvestable Corn Rebecah at Affinity Sims  
Harvestable Crops Superset simaddict99 at TSR More crops for Echo's Farmers' Set!
Landlords No Gardening BoilingOil at Leefish.nl Landlords ignore gardening except for reviving Plantsims
Modular Round Flowerbeds MaryLou & Numenor  at MTS  
Privacy Planters and Window Box simaddict99 at TSR I love window boxes!

Produce Packing Station and Fish Packing Station

Paladin at SimWardrobe Allows you to pack your produce and fish for easy selling.  Do not use with BO's Realistic Gardening Series!
Rideable Hot Air Balloon rebecah at MTS  
The Realistic Gardening Series BoilingOil at Leefish.nl Revamps the economics of gardening for food and profit; designed to work as a set
WFS: The Fisherman  Edition, Repositoried hafiseazale at Imagination Figments  
Wooden Sliding Stable door BlooM at InSim  

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