Mix and Match Coffins from the Wooden Simolean!

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Your vampire Sims will have sweet dreams in their designer coffins!  Six new linings and two new wood colors.


Miros_coffin_blackinterior. Miros_coffin_dustypinkinterior Miros_coffin_grayinterior Miros_coffin_slateinterior Miros_coffin_whiteinterior

Don't forget to check out my Comfy Coffin hack to increase the comfort of all recolors of the Maxis coffin!

Miros_coffin_babyblueinterior.zip222.71 KB
Miros_coffin_blackinterior.zip216.12 KB
Miros_coffin_dustypinkinterior.zip221.78 KB
Miros_coffin_grayinterior.zip222.75 KB
Miros_coffin_slateinterior.zip224.12 KB
Miros_coffin_whiteinterior.zip224.19 KB
Miros_coffin_burgundy.zip222.15 KB
Miros_coffin_white.zip204.63 KB