More Bedding from the Wooden Simolean

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Six more bedding sets...

First, cranes, wolves, and flowers...

 MirosBed-Wolf MirosBed-Floral1

This one has a lavender blanket and a fairy print on the sheets. Do you know how hard it is to get a Sim to leave a bed unmade when you want a screenshot?


Both the single and double beds look good with these spreads... I just couldn't decide which pillows I liked better!

MirosBed-Peony1 MirosBed-Peony2

Fabric swatches from Born To Quilt.

Wallpaper from Sim City Gallery.
Floor and bed frames by Maxis.

MirosBed-Cranes.zip221.83 KB
MirosBed-Wolf.zip207.92 KB
MirosBed-Floral1.zip217.9 KB
MirosBed-Fairy.zip233.34 KB
MirosBed-Peony1.zip222.96 KB
MirosBed-Peony2.zip214.85 KB