High-End Residence Club

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This is a high end residence club not a flop house (wait till you see the rents). For a start you will need all EPs and SPs, and to make the cook appear you will need the "Cafeteria Worker For Apartment Lots" fix from Simwardrobe (Click "Sims 2" then "Fixes" then "Apartment Life Fixes" and scroll down to the bottom of the page) or click this link Cafeteria Worker For Apartment Lots

I suggest using the 4 rear apartments for playable sims, as they connect to the garages.

  • Rent range: §694 to §1924.




AptParkTestClean.rar929.1 KB

Looks Interesting

Looks like it would be fun to play but don't have all those EP's. I only have up to Apartment Life. Nice site!

That should work for you!

I don't think Mike used anything from Free Time or Mansion and Garden.  Just use Clean Installer from MTS to prevent any warning messages.