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These are hacks that I consider essential -- they fix known bugs and stupid things in the game!

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Name Creator Description
Moody Birds BoilingOil at Bird will only consent to being played with for a couple hours
No Auto Finger Wiggle Cyjon's Sims 2 Mods 'n' Stuff Prevents finger wiggle game, which usually gets the Sim hurt; cats don't ask for it or the toss in air interaction
No Autonomous Digging for Visiting Pets

Worf_84 at MTS

No more constant holes by the pedestrian portal!
No Pet Code Unlock Spam TwoJeffs at Simbology Stops the lag on promotion; unlocks all the special items
No Pet Obsession TwoJeffs at Simbology Prevents autonomous playing with unfamiliar pets and the toss in air interaction; also reduces wants to get a pet
Pet Beds Satify Wants BoilingOil at Fix for Paladin's 1 tile pet beds
Pet Pregnancy Fix - AKA Too Many Pregnancy Controllers Fix TwoJeffs at Simbology Prevents runaway pregnancy controller creation

Known conflicts in the above list:


Note: many of Cyjon's hacks use his SmarterEP check.  Be sure to download that if necessary.

Note: Please read Unified RTFM for JMP's hacks before deciding to install his hacks. Links to JMP's hacks by EP

Note:  SimWardrobe doesn't allow links to individual pages.  In general, you navigate the site by clicking the Sims 2 button, then "Fixes," then the name of each EP.

Warning: I recommend many hacks from Back Alley Sims (BAS).  Some are now available from the family site.  Others are only available from the adult site, which requires visitors to be over 18 and register at the family site first.