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Downloadable game content and utilities that I consider essential -- they fix known bugs and stupid things in the game! Or they're just cool. Gotta have cool.

Lists of downloads from other sites:

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Hiders and Default Replacements are essential for themed hoods!

Build Mode, Neighborhood Deco, and Teen Stuff Hiders by Almighty Hat.   Since they're part of Hat's Advent Gift, you'll have to scroll down quite a ways.

Known Conflicts in the Above List

Inge Jones' ShinyTimeNPCEverywhere


Lord Darcy's version of JFade's Community Lot Stove At Home and Paladin's Cafeteria Worker For Apartment Lots (under Sims 2/Fixes/Apartment Life Fixes)

I'm researching which is better.

Inge Jones' various access control doors


Tunaisafish's SmartDoor v0.108

Inge's mod can cause lag; Tuna's doors don't use recolors of the original and are limited to a few styles.

Windkeeper's Spacesavers - Hidden Shelves


Lord Darcy's OMSPs and More Decorative Slots for Maxis Furniture

I'm not sure how much overlap there is, but there's probably unique things in both sets!