Recommended Hacks

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These are hacks that I consider essential -- they fix known bugs and stupid things in the game!

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Category Name Creator Description

Cancel Diary, Cancel Paper

Cyjon's Sims 2 Mods 'n' Stuff Stops writing and reading immediately
  More Fun Cyjon's Sims 2 Mods 'n' Stuff Lowers motive requirements to continue fun actions; fun actions not stomped by commands
  No Sim Loaded BoilingOil at Cleans up unnecessary tokens and controllers
  No Trash Memories BoilingOil at Prevents certain memories (configurable)
  noadhd J. M. Pescado at MATY Helps Sims concentrate, such as when they're cooking

Known conflicts in the above list:

Note: many of Cyjon's hacks use his SmarterEP check.  Be sure to download that if necessary.

Note: Please read Unified RTFM for JMP's hacks before deciding to install his hacks. Links to JMP's hacks by EPWarning: The denizens of MATY tend to be impatient with newbie questions.

Note:  SimWardrobe doesn't allow links to individual pages.  In general, you navigate the site by clicking the Sims 2 button, then "Fixes," then the name of each EP.

Warning: I recommend many hacks from Back Alley Sims (BAS).  Some are now available from the family site.  Others are only available from the adult site, which requires visitors to be over 18 and register at the family site first.

Impressive listing!

That's an amazing list of recommendations, there. You've been very busy!


Well done :)