Women's Career Clothing

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Women's business suits and career replacements too!

Replacement Business Suit
Replacement Business Suit
Replacement Business Suit
Replacement Business Suit

Requires The Sims.

Maxis meshes B008FAFit, B008FAFat, B008FASkn not included.

Click the pictures to download the outfit as a wearable skin for all 3 skin colors and all 3 body types. The link below the picture downloads the version which will replace the Maxis career skin.

Although you can only have one replacement career skin for each career/skin color combination, no one says you can't have different ones for each skin color! Download 3 sets, unzip them separately, and install the dark skin from one set, the light skin from another, and the medium skin from the third!

B008FA_Miros_green288.55 KB
BusinessF_green96.62 KB
B008FA_Miros_pink295.23 KB
BusinessF_pink98.85 KB
B008FA_Miros_red376.31 KB
BusinessF_red125.88 KB
B008FA_Miros_blue01322.66 KB
BusinessF_blue107.98 KB