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Tired of meeting Marilyn on the Studio Town lots? Party with Paula Abdul and Janet Jackson instead!

Requires Superstar

Superstar NPCs need special handling -- follow these easy instructions for best results:

  • Place IFF file in your Downloads directory (or a subdirectory of Downloads)
  • Place SKN, CMX, and BMP files in your Skins directory

I believe these files are Mac compatible, but cannot test this myself. Do not rename any skin files; it will cause the NPC to appear without her head or torso.

These NPCs have been tested in my game and do not cause any problems.

Paula Abdul
Paula's head and outfit are available on the Women's Heads and Women's Celebrity Clothing pages.
Janet Jackson
Janet's outfit is available on the Women's Celebrity Clothing pages.
Janet's head is by Ayoe of Simultaneous Designs, who kindly allowed me to use it.

npc_miros_janet_jackson.zip119.97 KB
miros_npc_paula_abdul.zip174.53 KB