Slipped Nipples and How to Fix them

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Someone on Back Alley Sims asked how to make the nipples on a skintone line up with the meshed ones.  Here's the paint program version!

  1. Extract the UV map for your mesh (tutorial).
  2. Extract the adult female texture from the skintone using SimPE.
  3. Load both into your paint program, leaving SimPE running, if possible.
  4. Paste the UV map over the skintone texture and set the layer to Multiply.
  5. Repeat for both nipples:
    1. Select one nipple on the skintone texture
    2. Cut (leaves a hole).
    3. Paste as a new layer.
    4. Move the nipple to the correct location using the UV map as a guide.
    5. Select the hole from the cut step.
    6. Optionally, make a new layer.
    7. Fill in the hole using the blur tool and a brush about the size of the hole. You need to stroke into the hole from the surrounding texture. You'll probably want to work from the pectoral muscle texture rather than from below to avoid smearing the muscle definition.
  6. Save as your paint program's native format, such as PSD for PhotoShop. (Sanity check).
  7. Hide or delete the UV map layer.
  8. Merge the nipples and the hole fill layers into the main texture.
  9. Save as PNG.
  10. Import, commit and save using SimPE.
  11. Repeat steps 1-10 for the teen and elder textures.
  12. Close the file in SimPE.
  13. Check the skintone in BodyShop using Chris Hatch's True Nude in BodyShop hack. If it's good, you're done.  Otherwise, open the file you saved at the "sanity check" step and fiddle with the nipple position, save, import, commit, close, recheck, etc.

If you don't have/can't create a UVMap

Chris Hatch suggests making a top or outfit using the same size nude mesh and pasting in the appropriate texture from the skintone.  You can then adjust the nipple position, test fit in BodyShop, and repeat as necessary.  When the nipples line up, delete the test project, quit BodyShop and import the texture back into the skintone with SimPE.