Awesome Idea! (and Brainstorming)

Since I use Cyjon's Townie tenants, I don't have any Social Groupies, and therefore none of their special greetings and such...

Well, Marhis (may her tribe ever increase) has "gizmos" which allow any playable to be considered a member of a Social Group.

In addition, Boiling Oil (may his tribe ever increase) of Simbology and Leefish has created an awesome hack, Social Group Greetings v1.02, which allows playables to greet other members of their Social Groups. Full description here.

My brilliant (?) idea was to give both my Custom townies, Downtownies, etc. and my playables one of Marhis' gizmos at creation, then let them interact as if they were also Social Groupies.

Only thing I still have to figure out is how to choose the Social Groups. So far, I've decided to use their clothing, LTWs, skills, or Aspirations as "clues".

Obviously, Socialites would wear evening gowns as everyday, Bohemians would dress like hippies, Jocks would wear activewear as everyday, but I'm having a little trouble deciding what types of clothes should differentiate between Gearheads and Techies (since my Groupies vanished as soon as I nabbed Cyjon's hack). I guess Gearheads like to get their hands dirtier?

In terms of Aspirations, I'm thinking Fortune and Popularity Sims could be Socialites, Knowledge Sims could be Techies or Gearheads...

Skills... good Body skill would indicate a Jock, high Creativity skill Sims could be Bohemians...

Careers and LTW, Scientists are obviously Techies, but where do Slackers fit in?


Some ideas from BO at Simbology!

Ah, here we see the seasoned Simmer, who has made an extensive study of her subject. Cool beans on the research, Rose.

Techies are more nerdish than Gearheads, I believe. So I think Techies would be more like the IT crowd, whereas Gearheads would be the mechanics. Family sims are usually the Tinkerers at home and often make it a point to roll wants to train Cooking, Cleaning and Mechanics (to fix their own bath tubs, sinks and showers, I suppose). Makes them Gearheads in my book.

Knowledge sims are most certainly the Techies. They often have Science as their main hobby. And if not, then it's still high up on their list as a result of studying Logic.

Aren't the Socialites the "Kiss Kiss, Baby" crowd? If so, then I think I see the Slackers and the Romance types as such, mostly. They dress up for that next cool event, hoping to score yet another dream date, perhaps with some rich sim or at least one that can act the part. Maybe Socialites could also be a bit Charisma-oriented, which means that some of the Popularity sims might fit in there as well.

Fortune sims could be Socialites as well, but I see them more in the Bohemian crowd. Dressing up to show off their financial success, or to fake that. Mixing with the artists in order to radiate a Hip Vibe. Some of the artistically inclined Romance sims would fit there too, by the way.

I think you started on the right track, taking things like Aspiration, Personality traits, Skill-point distribution and hobbies into account. Getting the attire to be appropriate... that would be the hard part. Unless you could find some pictures online showing what they look like as a group. I don't understand what you mean by unhiding their clothing, though... It's available in CAS and on clothing racks.

Oh, and I see you already had the Wiki page on Social Group Townies, so I don't need to mention that one anymore...

BO couldn't figure out the Gearheads either...

But I found pictures of the Social Groupies! Group pics and mug shots and everything!

The one thing I did learn is that the Gearheads are rather punk, so Family Sims aren't as good a match as we thought, even if they do like to Tinker. Maybe a few of what is called "poor white trash" in the American South would make the Family Sims fit into Gearheads.... (no offense meant to people living in the American South, poor, white, or otherwise)

Another Miros idea... Downtownies this time

Could do 33 of the 99 Downtownies too! Actually, I want to figure out which are the original 33 that some Maxis employee with an esthetic sense made and then was ordered to triple them.

My hand built Townies will have families too. And divorces and single-parent homes and all kinds of good stuff!

(I do have Argon/Worf's random Downtownie hack, but I kind of like the 33 prebuilt Downtownies)

Maxis family names

(Remember, I have to reinstall, I got a new puter with the dreaded Win10....)

In response to my idea of not doing a "zip and delete" on the AL hidden lots and Sims in order to see them for family research with SimPE:

Why go through all the trouble of zip-and-delete? You need them only once, in this new hood, to check out their suits and maybe get in a few screenshots of them. After that, you simply delete the hood again, bring Cyjon's mod back and play as before, but knowing that you have all the knowledge of these 49 NPCs... :)

And if you have Inge's teleport cat, I can even tell you the names of the 5 families that you need to look for, so you can summon the members with ease:
Socialites - Wolosenko family
Techies - Barrett family
Jocks - Hsu family
Bohemians - Ternynck family
Gearheads - Thompson family


I found much info at the wikia, but I appreciate any other ideas!

For example,

Can the Groupie clothes be unhidden?

Which clothing for playables would you consider to be appropriate for which groupies?