Teen pregnancy options

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For players new to Sim teens getting pregnant, I recommend that you use an empty Downloads folder and a new neighborhood and put in the mods described in each section to make sure they work the way you want, then figure out what to remove from your "real" Downloads folder to avoid conflicts with your working mods.

Your options:

  • InTeen was one of the first teen pregnancy mods, if not the first and definative. Unfortunately, InTeen has to age up pregnant teens at 6pm for "daily maintenance" of the whole household and age them back down after, because that daily maintenance involves terminating all pregnancies except adult and young adult, and advancing the ones it considers "legal." This was a wonderful idea when Jase created it. Given the increasing number of complaints about conflicts and other weirdnesses and hassles, it's not so wonderful now.InTeen is available at Simbology.
  • Chris Hatch's alternate pregnancy controller was intended to bypass all that and allow teen and elder pregnancies to advance. Since Chris Hatch's controller affects only the pregnancy advancing part of the daily maintenance, it's much tinier than the core of InTeen and conflicts with far fewer mods from other creators. The pregnancy controller itself does not make any provision for teen woohoo or teens getting pregnant. You need a different mod for that. The alternate pregnancy controller is available at Back Alley Sims, a site intended for players over 18.
  • Now for WildChild. I believe DarkWolfJr is just redistributing Chris Hatch's controller unmodified. As for the rest of it, it's carefully selected bits of InTeen to allow teens to get pregnant in a more "natural" way without all the conflicts of full InTeen. WildChild is available at Simbology.
  • Chris Hatch has also incorporated his alternate pregnancy controller into his unofficial expansion packs, T&A and A&N. If you are interested in the other features of one of these packs, they are available at Back Alley Sims, a site intended for players over 18. I'm not interested enough to install one just for teen pregnancy, although daycare lots were almost enough. And working firehouses. And college classrooms. Are these weird things to want?

The player needs to choose one approach. InTeen, alternate controller, WildChild, or T&A/A&N. You need to install the pieces to support that choice and only that choice in a clean Downloads folder and make sure it does what you want. Do not install InTeen and the alternate pregnancy controller together. Do not install InTeen and WildChild together. Do not install InTeen and T&A/A&N together. Do not install the alternate pregnancy controller, WildChild and T&A/A&N together, although it probably wouldn't do any harm. Run HCDU to ensure you have no conflicts, you have no duplicate files, and you have the correct load order to resolve any conflicts.

Testing note for the alternate pregnancy controller: Since I want teens to get pregnant only when I want, I am quite happy to let my teen couple woohoo with ACR (to simulate the dirty deed) and impregnate the girl with SimBlender. Yes, that gives the rest of my teens a free license to woohoo their brains out with no consequences. I was also figuring out how I felt about pregnant teen Sims. Answer, mostly not for me, unless Miros, their deity, decides to torture them to suit the story line in her head or in a period 'hood, with a lot of big bellied teens wandering around, for which I would install WildChild to make things more random.

Other handy stuff:
A censor blur remover, preferably NOT YouSeeThem. I prefer Quaxi's alternate shader from the SimPE site myself.

Squinge's Pregnancy Wear Anything (or whatever it's called) from InSimenator.

ACR and SimBlender from Simbology.

Maternity clothes for teens (thank you Mark93):