Sad State of the Site 2019

I have had to make the hard decision that the spammers are winning the battle. I am turning off registration and commenting. Hope the spammers are happy that they've closed down a legitimate avenue of contact between my users and myself.

Polygamy and your Sims

Yes, it's possible and the group can have long happy lives together!

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Sump Pump for Wet Basements!

One of the EP packs introduced a problem with the water level on certain lots, causing the basements to have standing water on the floor. Although mermaids might like this, most Sims don't!

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State of the Site

I've been working with the mess that is the users' list. I've seen tidier pigpens! Sadly, I need to add more rules. Don't make me add rules; I don't like rules!

Teen pregnancy options

For players new to Sim teens getting pregnant, I recommend that you use an empty Downloads folder and a new neighborhood and put in the mods described in each section to make sure they work the way you want, then figure out what to remove from your "real" Downloads folder to avoid conflicts with your working mods.

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Would anyone have a problem if I automatically deleted or blocked users with more than 4 digits at the end of their user names?

Yes, my name on other Sims boards has several digits at the end.
9% (4 votes)
No, they're all SPAMMERS, blow them away!
43% (20 votes)
No, I can deal with a different user name.
48% (22 votes)
Total votes: 46

Awesome Idea! (and Brainstorming)

Since I use Cyjon's Townie tenants, I don't have any Social Groupies, and therefore none of their special greetings and such...

Community Greenhouses


Two greenhouses with perfect harvestables.
Temporarily disabled!

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Not really a tutorial, but

After seeing an object in a screen shot, I just had to ask the creator where it came from. The response was Sugizo's M Kitchen with a bad link. After a day looking, I found the Download link.

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Fixed Old Guy Pants

The wonderful Prikkie fixed the elder men's mesh so old guys can wear white shoes without looking like their toes are sticking out of the shoe!

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