Sheba's Peignoir and more!

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Over on the Hullabaloo, Sheba suggested that she needed a filmy white peignoir... Then I thought it would be cool to make a cheetah patterned one... and while messing around with the bikini to make the undies, I blundered into a cool looking swimsuit... so here they are!


Model is wearing Anna's beautiful dark gold skintone from ArtSimz, now closed.  Blue Demi-Widow created by Greg Bennett and originally posted on the Hullabaloo!

Outfits fit Young Adults through Elders and require Grizzelda's "long robe" mesh available at TS2 Creations.

MirosAFPeignoirBlue.zip654.44 KB
MirosAFPeignoirCheetah.zip520 KB
MirosAFSwimsuit-Red.zip67.8 KB