Orange Dress and Zebra Outfit

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Originally released with the Zebra outfit set, this dress was captioned "for grandmothers that aren't so hip, try the flowered dress."  Also includes the elder Zebra outfit.

Do not mix-and-match elder tops and bottoms with "elderized" tops and bottoms.

Orange floral swatch from Born To Quilt.  Zebra swatch by Miros.  Maxis meshes.

MirosEFDress-Orange.zip394.99 KB
MirosEFTank-Zebra.zip176.01 KB
MirosEFJeans-Zebra.zip342.68 KB
MirosAFTank-Zebra.zip194.92 KB
MirosAFJeans-Zebra.zip338.82 KB