Adult Hacks

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Hacks to help your Sims be naughty!


Wanna watch your Sims shower?  I think this method is the least likely to cause conflicts or side effects.

Censor blur remover

Chris Hatch at Back Alley Sims

To test skintones and ensure you've got the right meshes:

True Nude in BodyShop

True Nude in CAS

STDs -- Like all contageous diseases, once a townie gets it, you'll never get rid of it completely.

Warning: Back Alley Sims is an over 18 site.

Warlokk, BlooM, and JWilson5 at InSimAdult

Default replacement anatomically correct skintones and meshes.

Maxis males with sexyfeet and "junk"

BlooM's sexyfeet for men and boys.

Maxis females with toes, rounder butts and thighs, nipples, and cameltoe

Warlokk considers Maxis sized women to have a 34B bust and 34 hips.  His meshes marked default are that size, and include swimwear and underwear versions to reduce the nipple/buttcrack/cameltoe effects.

JWilson5/Louis default replacement skintones

JWilson5's skins will fit both the sexyfeet and XHi-Res meshes listed above and the Maxis meshes.  She also lists the files needed to make sexyfeet and Warlokk's XHi-Res stuff to work correctly.

Warning: All meshes in this section are high-poly.  Use with caution!

Warning: InSimAdult is an over 18 site.

See also Sexyfeet and Your Sims for a list of files that work in my game.

TwoJeffs at Simbology

Autonomous Casual Romance (ACR) and Cheating Fix -- Lets  your Sims get naughty on their own initiative.  The cheating fix brings some intelligence to romantic interactions.  Version 2 is in the works.

Adult/Teen Teen/Adult Attraction -- 'Nuff said.

Cyjon's Sims 2 Mods 'n' Stuff

Brothel Woohoo -- Needs more research

Skaarj at InSimAdult

Skaarj's Crammy Penis Update -- If you choose not to use anatomically correct skintones or nude clothing.  Pro: responds to ACR during WooHoo; size adjustable.  Con: may not match skintone.  Possible problems: penis doesn't show (look for an ankle bracelet in the shower and click it), Sim has two penises (click the one from this hack and turn it off).