Hot Pepper Staff (Not Elderized)

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The Hot Pepper is a friendly little restaurant, and the staff thought other Sims would like to wear their uniforms!


Elderized versions also available.  Maxis meshes.  Swatch source unknown.

Uniform is catagorized as Everyday clothing, but you can:

  1. Use OFB to set them as the "working outfit" for employees.
  2. Use SimWardrobe's NPC changer to make all cooks and waiters at non-Sim-owned businesses wear them.
MirosAFCook-HotPepper1.zip674.6 KB
MirosAFWaitress-HotPepper1.zip478.5 KB
MirosAMCook-HotPepper1.zip674.6 KB
MirosAMWaiter-HotPepper1.zip439.24 KB
MirosEFCook-HotPepper1.zip674.75 KB
MirosEFWaitress-HotPepper1.zip478.5 KB
MirosEMCook-HotPepper1.zip674.75 KB
MirosEMWaiter-HotPepper1.zip465.14 KB