Recolors of Erica's Dress

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During the original posting of Suburb City 2 – Survivors and Ghosts at The Pearl's Chateau, Greg and I did recolors of Erica's dress.  Here's my versions!

Dresses based on Erica's Dress 34Ce36.

HobbesED's stories include

Suburb City 1 - A Week in the Life of Erica Booker (
Suburb City 2 - Survivors and Ghosts (

Warning: both ISA and Pearlsims are intended for visitors over 18.

Requires BlooM's 34CEx36 alpha dress.  Greg's version seems to be among the missing.  Odessa's strapless version.

Red_Dress_based_on_Ericas_Dress_34Ce36.zip505.98 KB
Teal_Dress_based_on_Ericas_Dress_34Ce36.zip533.74 KB