Dresses for Baby Girls!

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Using Chris Hatch's wonderful modification of BlooM's mesh, baby girls can now wear dresses -- and their brothers can wear something else!


Instructions:  Although "girls only" baby clothes is not a Maxis concept, it works according to the rules for default replacements.  Place the mesh and one texture in your Downloads folder or a subfolder of that folder.  Make sure there are no other "girls-only" baby clothes meshes or textures installed!

Mesh by BlooM, modified by Chris Hatch to be girls-only. Texture resource removed by me, to prevent having to redistribute a copy of the mesh with every texture.

Florentine and Dots swatches by Born To Quilt.  PoppyDot swatch from Cia's Palette. Lili Gaufretti Lafrange "Lapin" and Chipie Barin dresses from Pout (now offline).  PoppyBorder dress inspired by Il Etait dress from Pout, swatch from The Internet Wallpaper Store.  Blue texture by me.  Fairy texture unknown.  Tapestry swatch from Strangelv's Deviant Art page.  Pink Houndstooth based on a dress by Rosetta Millington found at Pout.

Screenshot by BoilingOil.

Matching toddler dresses here and here.

CJH_BloomsBabyDress-4GirlsOnly-MESH.zip58.28 KB
Miros_CJH_BloomsBabyDress-4GirlsOnly-Blue.zip67.65 KB
Miros_CJH_BloomsBabyDress-4GirlsOnly-Chipie.zip36.52 KB
Miros_CJH_BloomsBabyDress-4GirlsOnly-ChipieBlue.zip36.72 KB
Miros_CJH_BloomsBabyDress-4GirlsOnly-Dots1.zip68.74 KB
Miros_CJH_BloomsBabyDress-4GirlsOnly-Dots2.zip72.88 KB
Miros_CJH_BloomsBabyDress-4GirlsOnly-Fairy.zip63.85 KB
Miros_CJH_BloomsBabyDress-4GirlsOnly-Florentine1.zip91.6 KB
Miros_CJH_BloomsBabyDress-4GirlsOnly-Florentine2.zip82.86 KB
Miros_CJH_BloomsBabyDress-4GirlsOnly-Florentine3.zip88.84 KB
Miros_CJH_BloomsBabyDress-4GirlsOnly-Florentine4.zip82.34 KB
Miros_CJH_BloomsBabyDress-4GirlsOnly-Lapin.zip59.64 KB
Miros_CJH_BloomsBabyDress-4GirlsOnly-PinkHoundstooth.zip44.18 KB
Miros_CJH_BloomsBabyDress-4GirlsOnly-PoppyBorder.zip52.78 KB
Miros_CJH_BloomsBabyDress-4GirlsOnly-PoppyDot.zip79.85 KB
Miros_CJH_BloomsBabyDress-4GirlsOnly-Tapestry.zip46.01 KB

4Girls Only

Hi I love the dress that was created for girls only. They will not show up in game. I have all expansion packs and double deluxe. I also using window 10. I do have chris baby clothe. I did what the instruction say still nothing. I click on the bear and nothing new has been added for girls.

If this is not the place to ask! Sorry!


Not teddy bear compatible!

I'm glad you asked!

These clothes, although custom, work like default replacements. Choose one, and all your girl babies will wear that dress "by default" right after they're born. Once the game has dressed a baby, then you can change the baby's clothes with the bear.

I guess I should get these "up to date" with Chris Hatch's newer technology!