Obsolete - Clothes for a Specific Skintone

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For people who have only a couple Sims using one of Warlokk's BodyShapes or another custom mesh -- you can assign their clothes to their skintone!  No Sim with any other skintone can purchase or wear clothing that has been assigned this way.

Warning: This is not a complete fix for the problem of dozens of outfits for different custom meshes appearing in your wardrobe or clothing rack -- it only works for Sims with the exact same skintone.

Example: An outfit can be assigned to the "Dark Tan -- 36DDDx40," not to a more general "36DDDx40," making them unavailable for a Sim wearing "Light -- 36DDDx40". Separates assigned this way are worse -- they're not available for any other 36DDD top or 40 bottom skintone.

Warning: This tutorial is for advanced users.  I'm assuming you know the basics of using SimPE and a small amount about the internals of a skintone and clothing file.

  1. Open the skintone package file with SimPE.
  2. Copy the "family" value from the Skintone XML resource.
    or copy the "skintone" value from any Property Set resource. Do not use the "family" value!
  3. Open the outfit with SimPE.
  4. Set the "skintone" value in the Property Set resource.
  5. Commit.
  6. Save.
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 for any other outfits intended for this Sim.

Batch processing tip: As you finish each outfit, you can open the next by dragging the package file to the Resource List window! If you've forgotten to commit and save, SimPE will ask if you want to do this before opening the next.

Example: The clothes I made for Angelita and Lucia only show up for Sims with their skintone in CAS, at clothing racks at community lots, and in the ingame wardrobe.

Halleluia! Chris Hatch and thetigerking83 have a real solution!

Over at Back Alley Sims, Chris Hatch had the wonderous revelation that the clothes for each custom bodyshape could be assigned to a custom (but non-existant) EP.  This allows them to appear together in the clothing catagories and have a special icon like "FM" in the upper right corner of the thumbnail. 

Thetigerking83 has patiently assembled and numbered a fairly complete list of the various bodyshapes, built the files for the special icons, and created a "kit" to help you assign the custom EP number to your favorite clothing!  http://www.backalleysims.com/adult_forums/showthread.php?t=5965

Warning:  Back Alley Sims is intended for those over 18.

Future time saver....

You could also create a text file of the family/skintone values for your favorite skintones.  As you download and install clothes, you can quickly set the skintone value to prevent any NPCs from appearing at parties wearing "your" Sims' clothes!