Marry the Cow? Why?

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Because she's cute without her cow head on!  Seriously, one of my Sims married the cow mascot.  She insisted on wearing her cow costume to visit the neighbors....

A friend of mine had one of his Sims marry the carpool driver.  Although autonomous interactions worked fine, he was not able to direct his CAS Sim to interact with his ex-driver wife except for a very limited menu.... I've also had similar weirdness when marrying my Sims to former Cashiers.

There have been unconfirmed reports of various other mischief performed by ex-NPCs, such as former maids unexpectedly wearing their uniforms.

This is a quick and dirty explanation of how to fix these Sims:

  1. BACKUP the entire neighborhood folder.
  2. Open the neighborhood browser to find out what User_xxx.package file the Sim is in. Write this down, especially if working on multiple Sims. Also write down the filename of a playable Sim.
    Alternatively, use SimText to see the name of the Sim in each package file from the Characters folder under Windows.
  3. Close the hood, although you can open the Sim from the neighborhood screen. We're doing this the S/W-Engineer-way.
  4. BACKUP the Sim's file (User_xxx.package). The quickest way is to right click and choose Compress from the context menu.
  5. Open the playable's file with SimPE.
  6. Extract the 3 BHAVs, Main, Init, and Load.
  7. Close the file.
  8. Open the NPC's file.
  9. Delete all BHAVs.
  10. Import the BHAVs from #6.
  11. You backed up, didn't you? If not, this is your last chance.
  12. If the Sim has not been moved in, change Sim Description > Other > NPC Type to 0x0000.
  13. Click Commit if necessary, then Save.
  14. Repeat steps 8 to 13 for any other NPC Sims you have moved in or wish to move in.