Copying a Sim without SimPE

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Someone at Back Alley Sims asked if there was any way to get a Sim into the SimBin without SimPE.  Although you can't make a Sim into a template without SimPE, you can copy a Sim to another neighborhood with this method.


  1. Back up the original neighborhood(s). MOST IMPORTANT STEP! Tutorial
  2. Start the game.
  3. Move the Sim out (via telephone) and into an empty lot.  This will screw up your original 'hood, so make sure you've done step 1 first!!!!!!!!
  4. Go to the Neighborhood screen and package the lot. 
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each Sim, or move several to the same lot and package them together.  You may want to take notes about which Sims are in which file and where you intend to place them.
  6. Quit the game.
  7. Use Clean Installer to remove custom content or bits of Sims that aren't included in the packaged lot(s) and save. I recommend saving with a new file name because some versions of Clean Installer would produce empty files if you tried to save with the same name.
  8. ALSO VERY IMPORTANT: Delete the N### folder for any neighborhoods modified or drag them out of your game if you're paranoid. Unzip the backup file from step 1, and place that N### folder in the Neighborhoods folder.
  9. Use Clean Installer to install the lot(s) into the game.
  10. Run the game.
  11. Switch to the neighborhood where you want the copy(ies). Do not do the following steps on the neighborhood where the original Sim lives!
  12. Choose the populated lot(s) from the custom lot bin and place them in an out of the way location.
  13. Add a phone to the lot and move the Sims out, singly or in groups.
  14. Add the Sims to existing families or cheat them some money to buy their own houses.
  15. Repeat steps 11-14 as needed.