Winterizing Existing Lots

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Does your favorite house have "Seasons" in the attic?  You can fix it!

  1. Remove all objects (doors, windows, wall lights, deco, etc.) from the gable ends.  You can either delete it or drag it to a lower floor for storage.
  2. Using the wall tool and control key, carefully delete only the wall sections that are taller than a normal wall section.  If the gable end is a full triangle, make sure you leave the smaller sections outside the room.  If you accidentally delete any, click the "Undo" button before continuing.
  3. Again, using the wall tool, replace the wall sections with normal wall sections.
  4. Make sure the room is completely enclosed by normal walls or greenhouse walls.
  5. Place floor tiles above the rooms in the "attic."  Make sure the rooms are completely covered.  Your building will suddenly have another level, but this area is probably too shallow to use, and probably suceptible to bad weather to boot! 
  6. Also place floor tiles  in any "under eave" areas to prevent snow from falling down to the next lower floor.
  7. Click the "display roof" icon.  Your house will probably have small triangular openings at the very peak of the gables.  Do not delete the old roof!
  8. Using the appropriate roof tool, drag a new peak for each section with this gap.
  9. Replace any objects removed in step 1.

Loosely based on CycloneSue's tutorial on gable windows at TSR.  Warnings are based on problems I had winterizing Craftsman's Pride.