Winterized 225 Main St.

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MikeD likes this house, so I winterized it  also!  I couldn't resist the urge to tweak it just a little, but you can easily reverse that if you don't like it.

225  Main St.

As  you can see in the original layout below, a large piece of the flooring on the second floor was missing, which allowed the snow to fall all the way through the roof into the downstairs bathroom!

Original Layout

After filling in the floor, the real problem became obvious -- there are two missing wall sections between the upstairs hall and the "storage" area under the eaves!

Floor added, wall missing!

After adding an attic floor, I couldn't resist tampering with the layout.  The front bedroom simply isn't usable with a double bed, and Sims like lots of corners anyhow!

Final Layout

The new 1x2 room beside the stairs could be used as:

  • a secret passage between the bedrooms 
  • a toilet only half bath for either room
  • split to form a closet for each bedroom (single tile walk-in closet available at SIMply SIMilicious)
  • a trap for Bluebeard's wives
  • opened to the stairway as a plant shelf (no water plants only)
  • opened to the stairway and the room below to recreate the original "atrium" concept

Warning: I have Apartment Life, which seems to have made lots not backward compatible.  Sorry!

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