Winterized 58 Focaccia Place (Sharpe Residence)

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Zephyrzodiac asked to have the Sharpe house from Academie La Tour winterized.  It ain't pretty, but it shouldn't snow on the drums!

58 Focaccia Place

This house needed some tricky work.  It needed two walls parallel to the peak the whole width of the house and flooring added over the porch and the protruding section of the kitchen, as well as flooring added over the now enclosed second floor room, the end walls replaced with normal walls, and the small triangles at the very peaks replaced by "reroofing" the third floor attic.  To get the new upstairs interior walls complete, I had to move the stairs out into the yard, then use the "move_objects on" cheat to put them back where they belonged.  The last step was to match up that funky 60s wall paper!

58 Focaccia Place Interior

Again, warnings: do not remove the roofs and do not remove triangular wall sections shorter than a normal wall section.

This house is based on the Bonny Bungalow from the base game, so you might want to consider using it instead of the Bungalow.

Note: ZZ doesn't have AL, which caused to the lot to crash in her 'hood, and I accidentally left the phonehack in, so she kindly provided me with a more backward compatible version.  Thanks ZZ!

58 Focaccia Place - Seasons only.zip970.55 KB