MikeD's TS3 Hack List

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These are the TS3 hacks that MikeD recommends:

From Pescado -

  • Awesome Mod
    This is a core mod, it does a lot, but other core mods conflict with it as there can only be one core mod. Having said that, it does most of what all the others would do if they could be combined.

    The handiest way to get this is by going to the AwesomeMod! Download Page which provides links for the framework, awesomemod and aweconf for configuring awesome while bypassing the venom vitriol and general abusiveness of the main forum.  One setting, NoVanillaPudding, prevents the "pudding face" on Sims generated by the game.

    Be aware that as this is a core mod patch updates can take a bit of time, usually not more than a couple of days, but it does depend how many changes EA put in a patch.

From NRaas/Twallan -

  • Anti Magic Scroll
    Needed if not using Awesome
  • Careers
    Custom careers
  • Consigner
    Alters how cash registers operate
  • Decensor
  • Dreamer
    Changes how dreams are satisfied, and how long they remain available
  • Dresser
    Manages outfits and CAS part blacklist
  • MasterController
  • OnceRead
    No more Adevtures of Raymundo over and over
  • Overwatch
  • Porter
    For bulk import and export of sims
  • PortraitPanel
  • Register
  • Relativity
    Changes the speed at which simtime passes, useful for getting sims up and dresed in the morning
  • Saver
    Customizable autosave, I prefer this to the one in Awesome
  • Shooless
  • SleepFreedom
  • StoryProgression
    Am using this instead of EA or Awesome story progression, also using name tuning.  Also prevents unplayed houses from getting married, having babies, etc. if desired
  • Tempest
    Weather control, very customizable
  • Traveller
  • Vector
    Custom sickness and disease, can be toggled, some at least potentially fatal
  • Woohooer

From mahamudo on MTS:

  • Seasons Sunrise and Sunset Time Offset Tweaks
    For more realistic long days - short nights in summer and short days - long nights in winter. I'm using the 3 hour package, it comes pretty close to reality for my part of the world (2.5 hours would be about right).

From rightguy on MTS:

From cmomoney on MTS:

  • Cigarette/Smoking Mod
    For some added realism. Has some limitations as sims lose their addiction if reset. I'm hoping someone ties it in with one or more custom illnesses for Vector.

From ani_ at MTS:

  • Drinks For Your Sims
    See you silly sims do silly drunken things. Four drinks and they're wasted for 12 or 24 hours depending  on which version you install.

From Sims MX on MTS:

From jimhsu on MTS:

From mikey on MTS:

From MDM on MTS:

From SchiZohybrid on MTS:

From Granthes:

From FordGT90Concept:

From MissDiscordia:

  • Name Replacement Mod
    Not currently using this, using the name tuning in NRaas Story Progression instead

From Shimrod101:

From missy harries at MTS: