Preventing Bathroom Bottlenecks

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We've all had the Sim-party from hell, where all the Sims try to congregate in the bathroom... Here's some ideas to get things moving!

Put two doors on the bathroom! That way the Sims don't stand in the only doorway and shoo each other with no other way out.
Bathroom Uses You from MATY also helps, but again, 2 doors speed the "throughput".
If you really only want one door, try the Simlogical Bathroom door so the door locks when one Sim enters and unlocks when he/she leaves. Sorry I don't have a link!
You can also put extra toilets in little "closets" and let the Sims wash their hands in the kitchen. Chris Hatch's's fixed doors should let you make the closets 1x2.
If they're congregating in there to see the new fixtures, nowhatsthis from MATY will prevent that behavior.
If they're in there to talk to the person using the plumbing or to clean the "in-use" plumbing, Cyjon's Dumb in Use Test will keep them out!