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Hacks that fix problems on the University campus!

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Name Creator Description
College Adjuster TwoJeffs at Simbology A general fix-it tool for University problems; also modifies personalities!
College YA Aging Fix TwoJeffs at Simbology Prevents hang when a teen ages to a YA
Cyjon's Badge Scholarships Cyjon's Sims 2 Mods 'n' Stuff

Update of jfade's College Scholarships for Talent Badges; adds witchcraft scholarship

Dorm Bill Fix J.  M. Pescado at MATY Prevents error when calculating bills for a dorm with no Myne doors
Dormie Gender Controller TwoJeffs at Simbology Pick your Sim's dorm mates' genders!
Meet Professors Fix Cyjon's Sims 2 Mods 'n' Stuff Fixes infrequent failure to meet one or both professors
No Alumni Walkbys Cyjon's Sims 2 Mods 'n' Stuff Moved in Uni NPCs and professors won't walkby campus housing
No Finals at Night TwoJeffs at Simbology Nighttime finals moved to 8 AM
No Late Cafeteria Cyjon's Sims 2 Mods 'n' Stuff Cafeteria worker does not cook after 11 PM
No Lecherous Drama Profs BoilingOil at  
No Meeting Professors TwoJeffs at Simbology Can still call them from the College Directory
No Secret Society Abductions TwoJeffs at Simbology For players who dislike the abduction aspect; students still join and can visit the SS lot.
Stinky Dormies and Assignments Fix TwoJeffs at Simbology Dormies will finish assignments but not obsessively start new ones; best assignment litter fix ever!
Students Move Away from the Portal TwoJeffs at Simbology Prevents foot traffic jams at the pedestrian portal

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Note: many of Cyjon's hacks use his SmarterEP check.  Be sure to download that if necessary.

Note: Please read Unified RTFM for JMP's hacks before deciding to install his hacks. Links to JMP's hacks by EP

Note:  SimWardrobe doesn't allow links to individual pages.  In general, you navigate the site by clicking the Sims 2 button, then "Fixes," then the name of each EP.

Warning: I recommend many hacks from Back Alley Sims (BAS).  Some are now available from the family site.  Others are only available from the adult site, which requires visitors to be over 18 and register at the family site first.