Handy Dandy "Stylizer" Utility!

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This program uses the XML output file from Delphy's Download Organizer and its own XSL files (attached) to create formatted reports.  Since it's a Java program, it will run on Windows, Mac or other operating system supporting JRE 1.6 or later.

  • The hair-recolors.xsl file produces a list of hair meshes and their recolors.  If all or most of the recolors have the same color bin after them, they probably need to be binned. 
  • The mesh-texture-crossref.xsl file produces a list of all Body, Clothing, and Hair meshes and their recolors. Replaced by mesh-texture-crossref2.xsl, a newer, faster version.
  • The skintone-bodymeshes.xsl file produces a list of Skintones and the custom meshes they use.  If you use default replacement meshes or skintones, they'll be listed too. 
  • The object-mesh-texture-crossref3.xsl file produces a list of object meshes and their associated textures.  This may run slowly until I optimize it.

Rough instructions: 

  1. Unzip to a folder (not in C:\Program Files if you use Vista).
  2. Copy PackageDB.xml from the Download Organizer folder to the Stylizer folder.
  3. Run the program.
    1. Choose one of the XSL files that came with Stylizer.
    2. Choose the PackageDB.xml file.
    3. Type a filename to receive the HTML output.  You can use the same filename prefix as the XSL file, but be sure to change the suffix to html!
  4. View the HTML file to learn about your downloads!

If you get bizarre error dialogs, post a picture and I'll try to figure out what happened.

For technical people: This program can be used to apply any XSLT file to any appropriate XML file.  Enjoy!

Warning!  This program operates on the PackageDB.xml file produced by Delphy's Download Organizer.  If you don't have DDO, this program won't do much for you!

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