Community Greenhouses

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Two greenhouses with perfect harvestables.
Temporarily disabled!

Temporarily disabled!

You really only get a benefit from these if you have Seasons installed!

Back in 2010 "SchiZohybrid" posted "Garden with perfect harvestables for busy sims" on mts, later updates followed with an additional lot for the harvestables from Superhatural.

I confess both of these two lots actually started out as those.... but they mysteriously grew greenhouses and other facilities once I installed Seasons.

You will almost certainly need all EPs especially those that add growables and additionally and absolutely "Stones Throw Greenhouse" from the store at

Perfect Greenhouse 2 Showtime Supernatural Greenhouse
perfect_greenhouse_2_showtime_day.jpg supernatural_greenhouse_day.jpg
perfect_greenhouse_2_showtime_night.jpg supernatural_greenhouse_night.jpg
perfect_greenhouse_2_showtime_plan_day.jpg supernatural_greenhouse_plan_day.jpg
perfect_greenhouse_2_showtime_plan_night.jpg supernatural_greenhouse_plan_night.jpg