State of the Site

I've been working with the mess that is the users' list. I've seen tidier pigpens! Sadly, I need to add more rules. Don't make me add rules; I don't like rules!

  1. (Existing) You do not need an account to read the family-friendly portions of the site or download. You need an account to read the adult restricted portions of the site, post comments anywhere on the site, or send messages to other users, including me. (New) As a result, you must log in after creating your username or I will block you as a potential spammer.
  2. (Existing) Do not put more than 4 numeric digits at the end of your username. I will block you as a potential spammer.
  3. (New) Do not put dates before 1935 in the birth date field. I will block you as a potential spammer. My apologies if you really are over 75 years old.
  4. (New) Usernames that look like spammer accounts will be blocked as potential spammers. Yes, I know Simmers use all sorts of names, so if you think I might block you, visit my profile and send me a message!
  5. (New) Usernames and comments using the Cyrillic alphabet will be automatically deleted.
  6. (New) Blocked accounts will be deleted after one week to clean up the database. If you've violated one of the previous rules inadvertently, send me a message and I'll unblock you.
  7. (Existing) A clever spammer found out comments could be used to spam; therefore, comments are moderated, meaning Miros has to read them and approve or delete them. If you've left a real comment and it hasn't appeared after a while, send me a message.

Play nice and enjoy my site!