Polygamy and your Sims

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Yes, it's possible and the group can have long happy lives together!

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Some helpful info:

Marriage is specified in two places in the files for a neighborhood. If you set it in the neighborhood relationships, your lot will crash during save because the code that makes married people stand next to each other in the family picture assumes at most 2 people are married to each other. Only set each Sims's relationships to be married. Also, don't set the Engaged check box, or your Sims will try to get married and potentially blow up your lot when you try to save.

Now, to the nitty gritty... I had twin brothers who went off to college and started relationships with two Dormies. Not only did they each hit it off with a Dormie, they also thought the other twin's girlfriend was pretty cute... and the girls liked each other too! Once they graduated, I married each brother to "his" girlfriend, for the sake of wedding pictures. I modified all 4 sims with SimPE to be married to the other couple as well (but not the neighborhood relationship table, see above), and put them all to work making babies, who were all girls! Yes, the family tree got quite scrambled... The twin girls have a half sister on their mother's side and one on their father's side, and a "cousin" who is also half-sister to both the twins' half-sisters!

If you want to try this yourself, I recommend:

  • BO's Unlimited Sims mod. I had to send the girls off to college rather quickly so all the "siblings" were born before either of the mothers became elders...
  • Chris Hatch's Alternate Pregnancy Controller also, so that the mothers can have babies after they become elders.
  • To avoid a ton of alternate beds that allow teen and elder pregnancy, I just let them symbolically WooHoo, then get them pregnant with SimBlender.
  • ACR works fine as is, but turn off the jealousy before someone catches her husband and her wife on the sofa together!
  • SimPE, of course!

I'll have to make a family to put in the family section....