Sad State of the Site 2019

I have had to make the hard decision that the spammers are winning the battle. I am turning off registration and commenting. Hope the spammers are happy that they've closed down a legitimate avenue of contact between my users and myself.

I can be reached at Simbology. Not posting a link, because I don't want to swamp that site with attempted spam either.


I know where you're coming from. At one point I was more busy rejecting registrations at Simbology than anything else. Several dozens every day!!! I know more pleasant things to do with my time. This is exactly why I've bocked registration for users of the most well-known free-email services. Most spammers have a gmail-, hotmail- or yahoo-account from where to foist their evil upon us. If such users want to register, let them use the address that their provider gave them. After registration has been accepted, they can change their profile to use their free email-account.