Make Your Own Default Townies, Downtownies, Dormies, and Adoptable Pets!

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After tidying your game so you don't get the ugly Maxis Townies anymore, wouldn't it be nice to have a pool of attractive premade Townies and Dormies which automatically appears in each new hood? Wouldn't you like a puppy or kitten in the Pet Adoption Pool for each Sim that really wants one? Wouldn't it be nice if you knew your adopted kids would grow up attractive? Yes, you can have this!

I used to nuke my new hoods with deleteallcharacters. However, I started a new 'hood for experiments in growing up Dormies, and discovered it is actually kind of nice to have a good supply of preexisting Townies and Dormies to interact with, instead of waiting for them to slowly generate (reference Greg's Legacy hood where the poor guy almost died of aspiration failure before anything female showed up). I also found out the neutron bomb tends to leave crap behind which causes problems down the line, especially if you reset the "first Sim" index to 1...

Needed resources:

  • Argon's Townie Brick -- Only essential for making Vacation locals. Other types of Sims can be made with:
  • One of Inge Jones' Teleporters -- Choose the appropriate one for your game. Other creators have made similar items; just make sure they can convert playable Sims to Townies and Downtownies. Warning: Does not correctly associate Vacation locals with their neighborhoods.
  • Christianlov's Baby Pet Creator -- Attached, since Christianlov has closed his site again.

Recommended Resources:

  • Replacement face templates -- There are quite a few available on Mod The Sims 2. Although you can only have one set installed at a time, there's no law that says you can't have several sets and switch them from time to time or even create your own set by using single templates from each set. Switching your templates or sets will have no effect on previously generated Sims. All needed information is copied into the Sim at creation. By their nature, all face templates are "genetic," if you mean the children will inherit a blend of their parent's faces. Argon has also figured out how to create additional non-replacement face templates and several creators have made templates that don't replace the Maxis ones.
  • BoilingOil's names hack. BoilingOil has merged and cleaned up several "better names" hacks. Thousands of names -- much less chance for duplications!
  • Various hacks to prevent excessive generation and repeated regeneration of non playable Sims, NPCs and strays. Constant spawning of Tour Guides and Charlatans is a known BV bug, requiring a hack or a Maxis patch to fix this. I use those from More Awesome Than You, but there are others available. Warning: the regulars at MATY tend to be very unforgiving of beginners' questions.
  • "Hiders," or hacks to prevent any undesirable clothing or hair styles, such as wedding veils or Santa outfits, from appearing on your new Sims. Zirconia Wolf even hides all the Maxis elder clothing and "elderizes" all the Maxis adult clothing so her elders will wear adult clothing.
  • Townies and NPCs can generate with Glasses/Facial Hair
  • Hats Enabled for Townies
  • If you have Nightlife, you may want Aaroneous' Down Townie Templates Begone hack to completely randomly generate your Downtownies.
  • If you have Apartment Life, you need Cyjon's Townie Apartment Residents hack to avoid the use of Social Group members. In addition, you may want Marhis' "gizmos" which allow any playable to be considered a member of a Social Group and BoilingOil's awesome hack, Social Group Greetings v1.02, which allows playables to greet other members of their Social Groups, which gives you the Social Group behaviors without the actual Group members.
  • If you have Bon Voyage, Cyjon's Fewer Tourists reduces both the number and size of the tourist families.
  • If you have University, Cyjon's There Can Be Only One (Professor) creates only one professor per major.
  • If you have Pets, check out Foxes -- Breed Files or Red Fox, Raccoon From the French West Indies and A Fawn! for animals that should be in the Stray family! MTS has several other "breeds" that might be appropriate for your intended neighborhood.
  • If you have Free Time, Cyjon's Townie Enthusiasm Seeder will give your freshly minted townies, downtownies, etc. their initial levels of hobby enthusiasm.


  1. "Drag" means place the mouse cursor over an icon, hold down the left mouse button, move the mouse to the new location of the file, such as a different folder window, and release the mouse button. Personally, I prefer to "right drag" using the right mouse button, so I can choose "Move" or "Copy" from the context menu, but that's my preference.
  2. A "context menu" is the menu that appears when you right click on icons or links.


  1. Open up My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/Neighborhoods and drag your N001 folder to a safe place, like your Desktop or the top of your My Documents folder. Leave the Neighborhoods folder open.
  2. Start the game and create a new neighborhood.
  3. Alt-Tab to the Neighborhoods folder to make sure the new 'hood is N001. Leave the Neighborhoods folder open and switch back to the game.
  4. Make at least one Sim and a fox, a raccoon and a fawn (if desired) in Create A Family. The suggested "fox" and "raccoon" breeds are cats and the "fawn" is a large dog.
  5. You can also spawn random Sims this way:
    1. Use the cheat boolprop testingcheatsenabled true.
    2. Shift-click the mailbox to mass produce random Sims.
    3. Save after each good batch; leave the lot without saving to discard any undesirable ones.
  6. Elders, teens, children, and toddlers can be created with Create A Family or random Sims can be aged up or down. The method for this is: Use the cheat agesimscheat on. Click on the Sim and choose Set Age from the menu and the desired age from the sub-menu.
  7. Use the teleporter to make the Sims either Townies or Downtownies or use the brick to make Vacation tourists. Make the fox, the raccoon and the fawn into Strays.
    Teen Sims can become teen Townies or be sent to college to become Dormies. If you'd like some of your Townies to be related to some of your Dormies, create the family including the prospective Dormies as teens in Create A Family in the main neighborhood and move them onto the lot. Make the entire family into Townies or Downtownies. Don't forget to send these teens to University in step 9!
  8. To populate your (human) Adoption Pools:
    1. Make some Sims of the appropriate ages with Create A Family or
      age random Sims down. Since infants cannot be made in Create A Family, you will have to age down some toddlers.
    2. Use the teleporter to put them all in the Adoption Pool or
      Age down any adult Sims. Once there are no adults on the lot, the Social Worker will take them away. If you use the Social Worker, that exact Social Worker will appear in all your 'hoods.
  9. Make some Dormies: Add a campus. Send some Teen Townies to college from the neighborhood screen or
    Make some YA Sims and move them onto a campus rental lot containing a teleporter. Use the teleporter to make them Townies. Remember, a Dormie is a YA Townie!
  10. Make some adoptable pets: (with help from Zirconia Wolf)
    1. If necessary, make a couple adult dogs and cats in CASor
      shift-click the mailbox to make your first batch of puppies or kittensor
      use the Baby Pet Creator (attached) to make some puppies and kittens. I prefer the Baby Pet Creator, because it lets you choose "parents" for your new adoptables. Personally, I like recessives and family ties.

    2. Use the teleporter to put them all in the Pet Adoption Pool or
      Give the Sim a phone or cell phone to call the Pet Adoption Service. If you use the Pet Adoption Service, that exact animal control officer will appear in all your 'hoods.
  11. You may repeat steps 4 through 10, but be sure there are no Sims living on the lots when you are finished.
  12. Quit the game.
  13. Open up Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2\TSData\Res\UserData\Neighborhoods. Yes, that's Program Files, not My Documents. If you have not yet zipped up the N001 folder, do it now. You should also have the Neighborhoods folder from step 1 still open.
  14. Delete the Storytelling and Thumbnails folders from the new N001 folder.
  15. Drag the new N001 folder from My Documents/.../Neighborhoods to Program Files/.../Neighborhoods
    Hint: I like to use the right mouse button which gives you a context menu when you drop the folder. The context menu lets you "Move" or "Copy" the folder.
  16. Drag your original N001 folder back to My Documents/.../Neighborhoods. If you get an overwrite message, click No and perform steps 13-15 first.
  17. If you preserved the puppy and kitten portion of the Maxis adoption pool, you probably want to delete them from the Program Files/EA GAMES/The Sims 2 Pets/TSData/Res/NeighborhoodTemplate/P001/Characters folder to prevent duplicates in future neighborhoods. I assume they're already zipped up against future needs.

This will not affect your current neighborhoods, as long as steps 1 and 13-15 are performed.

Note: You may use steps 4 through 10 individually to add Townies, Downtownies, Dormies, or Adoptable Pets to an existing neighborhood. However, if you want them in every new neighborhood, create them in an empty neighborhood and move them to Program Files as instructed.

Note: You may also use SimSurgery to copy some of your favorite Sims onto the randomly generated Sims.

Note: Since I've adopted Cyjon's Townie Apartment Residents hack, I won't be exploring hand creation of Social Group members.

Christianlov_BabyPetCreator.zip9.29 KB

How do you make pets strays?


Thanks for your tutorial! How do you make the deer etc strays? I cannot find a way to do this with the brick, the teleport, etc.


Hm, good question!

I guess you just ignore them 'til they run away?

Otherwise, you could give them to the Animal Control Officer and use SimPE to move them from the Adoption Pool to the Stray family...

Great new idea!

Since I use Cyjon's Townie tenants, I don't have any Social Groupies in most hoods, and therefore none of their special greetings and such...

Well, Marhis (may her tribe ever increase) has "gizmos" which allow any playable to be considered a member of a Social Group.

In addition, BoilingOil (may his tribe ever increase) of Simbology and Leefish has created an awesome hack, Social Group Greetings v1.02, which allows playables to greet other members of their Social Groups.

My brilliant (?) idea was to give both my Custom townies and my playables one of Marhis' gizmos at creation, then let them interact as if they were also Social Groupies.

Only thing I still have to figure out is how to choose the Social Groups. Since this topic could be complex, I decided to make a new page for discussion.

Pollination Technicians and Ideal Plantsims

You may also want to download or create a replacement Pollination Technician or a Multi-PT hack for more variety in your half-alien babies. 
The Ideal Plantsim is the virtual "other parent" of all in-game sprouted plant babies, and I just discovered that they can be replaced too!