Angelita's Aprons Revisited

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Angelita bought an assortment of aprons with matching panties to serve Christmas breakfast in bed to Mr. D. However, she forgot to put the panties on!

Aprons fit Young Adults through Elders. Requires BlooM's 34De36 Alphadress mesh.  Unfortunately, I don't remember the source of the swatches I based the aprons on.


Miros-34De-36-Christmas_Apron.zip149 KB
Miros-34De-36-Christmas_Apron2.zip34.82 KB
Miros-34De-36-Christmas_Apron3.zip39.87 KB
Miros-34De-36-Christmas_Apron4.zip140.3 KB
Miros-34De-36-Christmas_Apron5.zip108.18 KB
Miros-34De-36-Christmas_Apron6.zip102.98 KB
Miros-34De-36-Christmas_Apron7.zip74.16 KB