Sexyfeet and Your Sims!

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My Sims all seem to have sexyfeet with the following files installed. Except toddlers -- somehow I missed BlooM's sexyfeet for them!

Warlokk's XHi-Res meshes for adult females (bottoms and full body in default sizes): BlooM's sexyfeet for adult females: (I don't use these) BlooM's sexyfeet for everyone else: The files at the bottom are the fixes for the "tootsies sticking out of the painted on shoes" problem.

BlooM's Block Foot Meshes

are located here!

If you have clothing with shoes painted onto a texture for a Maxis mesh, the Sexyfeet meshes will cause the Sim's toes to stick out of his or her shoes.

You can simply "convert" from the Maxis/Sexyfeet mesh to the Blockfoot mesh with BodyShop.

Where do I get 'em?

Forum > Resident Creators > BlooM's Base > SexyFeet Replacements

Warning: Adult site, over 18 only!

Forum > BlooM's Base > Adults > Sexyfeet Replacements

Please read BlooM's TOS if you intend to recolor/redistribute his work.

Warlokk's XHi-Res default replacement at

The PlantSim toddler was overlooked!  Now it's here!